Agony Aunt – My Boyfriend Does Not Buy Me Gifts.

Certain things feel overrated until you actually experience it. In this week’s agony aunt; the question of giving and receiving gifts takes the center stage.

Let’s check this mail out:

Dear Agony Aunt,

I love my boyfriend very much, but I think he is stingy. We’ve been together for almost four months and I haven’t seen shishi from his hand.

Don’t even say I’m being entitled, cos I’m not. He’s my boyfriend, and sometimes I just want him to buy me stuff or something.

Besides, I read that a stingy boyfriend will inevitably be a stingy husband; and me I cannot marry stingy person o.

A very controversial issue, but here’s how I responded:

Dear Writer,

Maybe all you need is to communicate with him. Men are usually clueless about things like this most of the time. Besides, a man will spend money on someone he loves.
There’s no doubt about that.

Or maybe the relationship is too early for him to invest his money in. In the meantime, why don’t you buy him stuff?

I’m sure he will reciprocate.

You don’t have to wait for him.

What do you think? Drop a piece of advice for her in the comments.

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Well to be fair he doesn’t owe you any gift, you are focusing on the wrong things which Isn’t good…Or Maybe he doesnt have ?


You too buy him gifts



Oyindamola Awosika

Abi o

Oyindamola Awosika

Or maybe he’s a actually stingy


I can’t date any stingy man o. You better leave the relationship and go and find a man that will spoil you.

Oyindamola Awosika

Preach sister!


What is he supposed to buy you gifts for? Is it your birthday

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