My Boyfriend Is Asking Me To Change My Friends .

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Heyy guys.

It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.  If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome. Agony Aunt is a relationship counsellor, so to say. You send your relationship issues to her email address and she gives you probable solutions every Thursday.

Having said that, how are your love lives, guys? I hope you guys are happy with your significant others or happy being single? We should always remember that our happiness lies within us alone and is not dependent on someone else.

Moving to the deal of the day, this week, we shall be looking at this report I got last week. To be honest, this is a tough one and you guys would definitely have to help me on this, please. Let’s look at this report.

“Hey aunt. My boyfriend is seriously stressing me. He has a problem with my friends. I’ve had this clique since I was in year one, I can’t change my friends because we really help each other a lot and I love them. The thing is my ex is in my clique and my boyfriend is not comfortable with it at all. He wants me to change my friends. And tbh, I just can’t . I don’t want us to break up, but I don’t see any way out. Please help me. Keep me anon”.

When I said this was tough, I really meant it. But let’s be neutral here.

I can understand the boyfriend. It’s awkward and uncomfortable for him because feelings can definitely come up again, and he’s purely afraid of losing you. He has his honest and pure reasons.

Relationship issues

But these group of people have been with her since year one. Changing friends is a difficult thing to do. It’s not like the friendship is toxic, they help each other.

I feel the best way around this is for the  boyfriend to trust her. They both need to properly communicate. She should explain properly that nothing is going on, just a normal friendship between her and her ex.

If he still insists on her changing her friends, then I feel she should let him go. I mean, he should learn to trust her. These people have been with her since she was a fresher. Asking her to start afresh is somewhat selfish. He should put himself in her shoes, what would he do?

Guys, please help me out here. Drop your opinions at the comments section below. Let’s help her out.

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