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Agony Aunt: My baby is taking Gift from Guys

Contentment in the relationship is a big issue these days.

One of the major things that could ruin a good relationship is when you think your partner is not good enough or you start comparing them to other people.

Before I give my verdict, here’s a mail I got last week;

Dear Agony Aunt,

This matter is really disturbing my relationship.

So, my babe currently works in a bank and she is in the marketing department.

And we know that the marketing department is obviously famous for all sorts of raunchy stories which we used to joke about before she got the job in September of this year.

Since she started the job, her attitude has changed. She’s always snappy and nagging most of the time but I guess it’s the stress of the work

But what I’ve issues with is her collecting gifts from her client.

Recently, she brought a new iPhone X and when I asked her where she got it.

She was defensive but I insisted, so she said it was given to her by a client.

That’s not all, she also got a wristwatch and a cake on her birthday from two different clients. I’ve warned her not to collect these gifts but she’s painting me to a bad person.

What am I supposed to do?

I’m tired of all the fights we have on this matter. Please share with you readers

Dear Poster

Your case is very simple!

Your babe’s job is bound to have these kinds of issues.

In the first place, when you knew she was going for the job. You could have prevented it but given the “abundance of jobs”, you don’t want to be an enemy of progress.

Just kidding

My advice to you is to explain to her that you don’t like her accepting gifts from men because it disrespects your person (if you’re job searching, the pain will cut deeper).

There is nothing bad in a birthday gift and occasional gifts with no strings attached (which is rare these days) but frequent gifts like the ones your babe is getting are not safe for your relationship.

If you don’t like my advice, you can watch out for some of the views in the comments section.

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