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Agony Aunt – Is He Cheating?

One major thing that can kill a relationship faster than lack of communication, is assumptions, assumptions and more assumptions.

Assumptions plant little seeds of doubt in you mind, that you unconsciously portray; and then begins to affect your relationship.

Before we go any further; take a look at this mail I got just few days ago:

Dear Agony Aunt,

It is like I am going crazy. My boyfriend has suddenly become distant; we rarely text or call anymore. he may not even reply chats till the next day. I have asked what the matter is, but he keeps saying nothing is wrong.

But I know something is wrong somewhere. This is someone that could not go a day without calling me before; however, now, days will pass without me hearing a word from him.

I am honestly scared. Could he be cheating? Is that why he has become distant all of a sudden? I really do not want to lose him. Help!

This is how I responded:

Dear Writer,

You are right to be worried; however, there are several other things to assume other than him cheating.

Studies have shown that sometimes, men withdraw from their significant others when going through hard times. Have you stopped to think that maybe, just maybe your boyfriend is going through a rough patch right now; and that is why he is distancing himself?

You should sit him down, and let him know that he can talk to you about anything, and that you are here for him. Remind him that communication between partners takes away some of the strain.

However, if there is no underlying issue, then you both should have a much needed conversation about whether you both still want the relationship.

Then you go on from there.

Now, let’s hear what you guys think about the issue. Have you had a similar issue? Tell us!

Air out you relationship issues with Agony Aunt; just send a mail to

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