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Agony Aunt.

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It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.

How are your love lives?

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to get over our past relationships. There’s just always a bond or connection we experienced with our ex’s and we tend to remember them.

I got a report last week, let’s look at it .

What’s up. Abeg keep me anon. I’m single actually, so I don’t have any relationship problem per se. My last relationship was 2016. My ex and I started dating March 2016.I really really loved my ex, but I just was not good to her. I didn’t give her the attention she needed at all. And I always had girls around me. She complained a lot of times, but I still did not change, and she still stayed with me. I swear, she was perfect. We finally broke up December 2016 and I was the one that broke up with her. I gave her an excuse of distance because she is in Lagos, she schools there and I school in Ogun state. Obviously, she was heartbroken and all. But she still kept in touch with me and all. After we broke up, I’ve not had a serious relationship since then. Fast forward to now sha, we linked up about a month ago and we spoke and all. Apparently, she has a boyfriend now and she’s happy with him. I’ve never felt this heartbroken before. I feel like she left me alone. Yes, I was the one that broke up, but I think I want her back but I don’t even know how to say it or tell her. Ive never met any girl like her. I want to make things right with her. I really don’t know what to do mehn”

Well, like I said earlier, there’s always this bond that we share with our ex’s. We dated them for a reason, right? Even though we may not talk to them at all, we tend to just walk back the memory lane to when we were with them.

Breaking up is a sad feeling, especially if it’s on a bad note. But the secret to feeling better is by moving on. It’s definitely not easy, but with time, we would definitely heal.

The girl in this story definitely healed with time. I’m sure it was not easy for her, but she healed and she is happy at the moment.

I would advise him to do the same. I mean, she is happy in her relationship, there is no need to try to persuade her to come to you.

She was yours, but you did not realise what you had until you lost it.  It’s okay to actually tell her how you feel. It may make you feel better, but do not force or influence her to break up with her boyfriend to come back to you. That’s just mean.

And definitely, there would be better girls out there that would suit your taste. Just calm down and you would find the right one, and when you do, please, treat her right. Everything go dey alright, last last.

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