Agony Aunt – I saw My Girlfriend Sleeping Beside My Friend; Is She Cheating?

Sometimes, overthinking and making assumptions; can spoil a relationship faster than cheating does.

Don’t think so? Tell me why in the comments.


Let’s look at this mail I got last week:

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am still a student, and so is my girlfriend too. Now, the issue is, two days ago, my girlfriend came to lodge with me in my friend’s apartment for the weekend. You know, just to have fun and stuff.

That is how, in the middle of the night, I woke up and saw that my babe no dey my side again. I say ahan!

The way I jumped up ehn! I ran to the parlour where I saw my my girlfriend and my friend asleep on the chair.

My girlfriend was in her short nightwear only o, and my friend only had his boxers on.

When I woke her to go to the room, she told me they had both fallen asleep watching tv. Tv. Ah! Koni da fun tv.

I haven’t been myself since then. I’ve just been looking at her and my friend somehow.

I just can’t take the thought that they slept together out of my head.

Should I confront my friend instead? Maybe he will talk.

Here’s what I replied:

Dear Writer,

Perhaps, you have every right to be worried. But what if you are just overthinking things?

What if they were both indeed just watching tv?

Besides, maybe you shouldn’t have brought her to lodge in your friend’s house considering he is a man also.

On the other hand, if they did sleep together, the truth will come out sooner than later.

So, for now, just put your mind at rest. You’re still a student, put that energy into your books.

Do you have words of advice for him?
Leave them in the comments.

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Ask your girlfriend and stop assuming so you will know, if she says no fine, her behavior will tell you how she sees the relationship and you

Mary U.
Mary U.

If they truly had sex with each other, they won’t be so dumb to have been found in the couch sleeping on the sofa, therefore, the guy (boyfriend) shouldn’t throw himself over.


Nah assumption go kill you

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