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Agony Aunt: I Messed With The Wrong Girl

Agony Aunt

Hello readers,
It’s another Thursday and Thursdays are for relationship advice with me, your one and only Agony Aunt.

Let’s get right to the story…

Dear Agony Aunt,

Something must kill a man!

I hear this statement a lot but always took it as a joke.

But it seems this joke has become reality for me.

It all started 5 months ago when I saw this pretty lady on Facebook and my Casanova spirit along with me Village people pushed me to slide into her Dm.

But she didn’t respond immediately.

It was 2 weeks after I sent the message that she replied and Instead of me to ignore.

I just followed up as a “sharp guy” not knowing I was sealing my doom.

So fast forward to some weeks after various chats and exchanging numbers, she agreed to meet and we met.

This became quite frequent.

Yeah..but after all the “doing”…something told me to end it there but the Casanova spirit wanted more.

The lady even told me she didn’t want something serious.

Just friends with benefit kinda thing.

I was offended as a Casanova na… you don’t dump me, I dump you.

So I told her I was for real and did everything to make her think I was for real o.

It seems she was really falling for me and had dumped the “friends with benefit” idea.

While I was still basking the euphoria of “conquering” her, this girl gave me the shock of my life one day when she decided to take me to her peeps.

First, the place was far and secondly I wasn’t ready for it because I was still in school but I had to play the part.

But the last reason that really made me reconsider “My Cassanova” ways was when I got to their home.

It was like an herbalist house like those ones you see in Yoruba movies.

No paintings and Banana trees by the side.

You get the picture.

I still held my composure until we entered and I saw her sister.

I recognized her sister…she was my 5th ex…

Was this how I was going to end my life in a Babalawo’s house?

We finally met her father after the Sister made an excuse to go “somewhere”

The father was cool but I wasn’t cool.

He had the looks of a traditionalist. So finally we left the place and when I asked bae about her father being a traditionalist

She answered, “He is not a babalawo (traditionalist), but most of his friends are”

I didn’t even bother to ask any further questions.

Even when she asked if there was any problem, I smiled and held her while I thought how my life was about to be ended just because I didn’t have small sense to just stop.

I need any advice that will get me out of this relationship fast and safely, please!

Dear poster,

You are in a mess!

There is no sugar-coating it, you have finally bitten more than you can chew.

But it’s not the end of the world, you just have to remain loyal to the babe or wait till she makes a mistake, then break things up.

Maybe if you get out of this, you will drop your bad habits a bit

However, if you don’t like my advise, you can take some from the comments below.

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