Vasiti Agony Aunt Series

Agony Aunt Series – I Don’t Love My Wife Anymore.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a necessary lockdown in many parts of the world, including Nigeria; and couples are forced to spend time with each other like never before.

Why are we talking about this?

You’ll understand when you read this mail I got last week:

Dear Agony Aunt,

I have been indoors with my wife for the past two weeks, and it was hell. Normally, we both go to work in the morning, and come back at night; so the time we spend together is very limited.

However, since the lockdown, we’re both at home; and I just realized I don’t really love my wife. I don’t even know what I saw in her.

We don’t really talk to each other; just greeting and small talk.

Ah. I’m in soup. I think I’m going to divorce.

This was my response:

Dear Writer,

You are definitely not the only person feeling this way towards their partner. Perhaps you just need to re-discover the friendship between the both of you.

Divorce should not be the first option, it should be the last.

Why don’t you have an honest communication with your wife about this; and you both can see how to revitalize your marriage.

What do you think? Leave a piece of advice for him.

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And you’re going for divorce? just like that? Weldone

Oyindamola Awosika

My thoughts exactly

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