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Ado Ekiti Poly Shut Down; Student Union Disbanded.

The Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti has been closed and the Students’ Union Government (SUG) banned with immediate effect.

This is because of a violent protest staged by the students on the 1st of November; accusing the school’s management of interfering in the affairs of the SUG ; and also trying to put up their lackeys in positions of leadership during its election held on Thursday.

Furthermore, the protest disrupted normal school activities as all the gates leading to the institution was blocked for hours; hindering the movement of humans and vehicles. Also, some valuables in the institution’s School of Engineering were also destroyed in the course of the protest.

ado ekiti

The institution’s Director of Protocol, Information and Public Relations, Adeyemi Adejolu, on Sunday; issued a statement denying the students’ claims saying the authorities were not interfering with the union’s affairs in any way.

He added that the management had nothing to gain by imposing stooges in the union.

He also added, that the decision to shut the polytechnic was made during an emergency meeting of the Academic Board and Management Committee held on Saturday.

The spokesman for the Ado Ekiti institution said the students would be resuming on the 10th of November; and will also commence their second semester examinations on the 12th of November.

He also announced the placing of an embargo on all activities of the union with immediate effect.

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