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7 Ways To Live On Nigerian Campus Without Going Broke

7 Ways To Live On Nigerian Campus Without Going Broke

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Living On Campus is not very easy. some days are exciting and some days are just off, especially those days when you realize that your bank account balance is on red.

There are certain measures to follow to avoid this. Here are 7 practical steps to living on Nigerian campus without going broke.

Here are 7 Ways To Live On Nigerian Campus Without Going Broke



Let’s face the facts. This is a very good way to keep yourself in check. Having a Budget is not enough if you don’t actually follow it.

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So budgeting your money rightly and sticking to it is one way to avoid being broke on Nigerian Campus.

Open a Fixed Savings Account

There are two types of fixed deposit or savings account., one for a short term and another for a longer period of time.

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Having a fixed deposit account helps you get prepared for the rainy day ahead. They certainly will come.

Avoid Dating If You’re Not Boxed Up

Dating and casual outings is one of the things that eat up the money of most Nigerian students on campus.

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Here’s another truth: Don’t do it if it puts you in a financial problem.

Keep Your Debit/Credit Cards Far From You

The advantages of the credit and debit cards are numerous but so are the disadvantages too. Do you want to cut expenses and avoid being broke on campus?

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keeping your ATM card far from you is a good start.

Don’t Eat Out

As tempting as it may be to just order in or walk in to the cafeteria and buy food. Don’t do it. Learn to cook your own food.

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It may not be a standard cuisine but it will do the trick of saving your money.

Look Out For Discounts

When your shopping for your basic needs, groceries and all, look out for discounted goods.

This is a great way to save you some cash and avoid being broke on Nigerian Campus.

Rely On As Much Support As You Can Get

Willingly accept gifts and support from friends and family. This is another great way to help you from going Broke On campus.

When someone wants to offer you a lift, carefully accept it.


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