7 Things to Avoid In 100 Level As a Nigerian Students

Nigerian University Fresher

The University System is very exciting, challenging and tough. This just the honest truth.

No One has all the answers on how to survive the years ahead of you.

If you are a Fresher, you want to consider certain things that will not only make your campus days worth it, but will also go a long way in helping you out.

Here are 7 things to avoid in 100 Level

The Following are 7 Things you should consider not doing as a 100 level student on a Nigerian Campus.


Avoid Joining too Many Societies

It is true that the societies on campus helps to build your social circle in many ways but trust me, You want to consider not joining too many of them.

Nigerian University Fresher

Societies can be demanding and stressful too and the last thing you need is anything to sway you off your academics.


Avoid Attending Every Single Fresher’s Party

The University has a way of welcoming the freshers and yes we know that it is refreshing to think that you are welcomed at all of these events.

Nigerian University Fresher

Consider to selectively attend the only important parties on campus. It’s not entirely advisable to start of your university days with a party lifestyle.

The University itself is a festival, you will come to understand soon.


Avoid Having Just one Friend

The university community presents all forms of activities and people. People can either make it interesting or tiring for you.

Nigerian University Fresher

We strongly advice that you explore several options of people that come your way. Don’t just stick with someone because you both vibe on the first meet, or you both went through the registration process together.


Avoid Staying Away from Home for Long

There are days where the opportunity to call home comes running to you, don’t ignore such opportunities because trust me, you have a long way ahead of you.

Nigerian University Fresher

If you have an opportunity to go back home for something,  maybe  one event or one family get together, don’t ignore it.


Avoid Spending too Much

Learning Money Management is a key to a successful University Lifestyle.

Nigerian University Fresher

As a Fresher, you should learn to prioritize how you spend your money. Basic Important things should come first before any irrelevant thing.


Avoid Staying Up Late (Except It’s Important)

As A fresher, You will probably (most definitely) have lots of activities coming your way and you will want to keep a clear head in all of that.

Nigerian University Fresher

Avoid staying Up late for any unnecessary reasons, the last thing you want is to sleep through lectures.


Avoid Not Having A plan

Sometimes it’s easier to just live in the here and now type of lifestyle.

As A student you should know that you do need that. Going through the university without having a plan is just not ideal.

Nigerian University Fresher

Plan for the “What-if’s” and the Maybe’s




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