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7 Things Only Nigerian Students Can Relate To

Nigerian students gather here!

Here is a list of 7 things we can all relate to as Nigerian students.

7 Things Only Nigerian Students Can Relate To


Lecturer wahala

Nigerian Students
when you wake up by 7am and remember that lectures have already started.

Some lecturers have just one goal in the university: to frustrate your life!

we know you are helping to prepare us for the future but please how can you be fixing class by 7 am?


ASUU Wahala

When you are just a month away from your Final year exams and ASUU decides to do small play play.


When Lecturers Be Looking at You As If You’re Meat


When you catch your lecturer cutting eyes for you.

But why? Are you not supposed to be like my Father?


When Your Course Rep tells you that They’ve submitted The Assignments Already

Nigerian Students

When your over sabi department have already sly you and submit behind your back.


When You Hear That they are Giving free food in Any Campus Fellowship

Nigerian Students

You are almost out of cash and Redeemed Campus Fellowship (RCF) is Giving Free food.


When The Lecturer Has exceeded her time But She’s still teaching!

nigerian students

Some Lectures don’t have chill at all. They Be teaching like you’re in church on Sunday morning.


When Your Roommate wears Your Favorite Polo Without Telling You

Nigerian Student

some guys be acting like they’re your twin brother in school.

“Bro, we’re just roommates don’t Use my stuff without telling me!”


These are few common things most Nigerian Students can relate to, Whether Public or Private Universities.


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