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7 Surprising Things You Must Not Do On A Nigerian Campus

7 surprising things you most not do on Nigerian Campuses

The University has some laid down rules and regulations that makes it work. This is true, but there are certain rules that are not part of the universities’ do’s and don’ts that are just peculiar to Nigerian Student.

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Consider them as Code of conducts for students and by students. The school will not sanction you if you default in any of these. If you default anyway, you do at your own risk.


  • Don’t be a Sly King/Queen

If you have a group of friends try your best to make sure that you never sly them. Friend that cannot help you sign attendance is that one friend?

Nigerian Campuses

It is mostly your friends that will have your back no matter what, help you when your’e in need and make the campus life interesting.

  • Don’t Act like you Know It all

Nobody likes an oversabi house wife! If you want to be acting like you know it all on campus, there is a place reserved for you on campus

Nigerian Campuses

Don’t be deceived, your I too know it attitude will take you no where on campus

  • Thou shall not eat alone

On Nigerian campuses, your food is considered to be for everyone in your room, literally.

Nigerian Campuses

You are expected to share your food at all times. Students from Private Universities may not understand this though, but it is what it is.

  • So you have a Girlfriend abi?

One thing Nigerian students gets excited about is the comfort from their spouse, but Please keep your love out of the hostels.

Nigerian Campuses

If you don’t want to give anyone cold chills, then don’t bring “The Girlfriend” to your room.

  • Try Not show off

Never make the mistake of blowing your trumpet to announce who you are.

Nigerian Campuses

Some Nigerian students really have no chill at all. If you show off, you do so at your own risk

  • You Better Be Up to Date

If you Live on campus and don’t know what is happening around you, then we at vasiti are sorry for you.

Nigerian Campuses

You have to be up to date on almost everything happening on campus

  • Don’t act like you’re the holiest

We know you go for every fellowship meeting and you attend church on Sundays.

Nigerian Campuses

We also know you pray 5 times daily, but please don’t rub it in our faces. Some of us just came to the university to live, laugh and love.


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