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7 Amusing Rules of Private Universities.

There’s an ever ongoing debate about Private Universities; Are they too strict? Are they worth it? Can you even have fun? And the most asked question: Is there freedom?

Let’s not forget the rules part. These schools have the most annoying rules. Here are five most amusing rules of Private Universities:

1. Guys can’t hug girls after 7 pm

Yes, you read that right., Male students are not allowed to hug female students from 7 pm in Joseph Ayo Babalola University. Any student caught doing so will undergo community service in the university bakery.

2. Students cannot wear Jeans and Chinos

Covenant University has some of the strangest rules that can land you either suspension or expulsion. According to the University’s handbook, students are not allowed to wear Jeans, Chinos and also Corduroy materials

3. You can’t wear Designer glasses and local beads

In Al-Hikmat University, an Islamic institution in Nigeria, students are not allowed to wear designer glasses and local beads. Don’t ask me why.

4. Female students cannot use fashion accessories

The Mountain of Fire University, run by the Church that established it. This university frowns at the use of certain fashion accessories like necklaces, chains and hand bands.

Also, the skirt hems female students must be 2-4 inches below the knee.

5. Female students cannot wear long hairstyles

Babcock University does not allow its female students to wear long hairstyles on campus. When a student fixes attachment or weave to her hair, the university rules say the extension must not exceed her neck area.

6. Faculty dress Code

Each faculty has a dress code in Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, and it is compulsory to comply. For instance, those in Sciences put on cream-coloured shirts with trousers to match.

7. Listening to worldly music is a very big crime.

At Covenant University, listening to worldly music is a very serious offence that could get students suspended from the school. The university frowns at secular music and will never allow its students to be destroyed by such entertainment.

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All these rules and they still expect someone to pass

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