rusticated in Nigerian University

6 Things That Could Get You Rusticated in Every Nigerian University

6 Things That Can Lead To One Being Rusticated In A Nigerian University

The most common thing to most Nigerian University Students is the feeling of Freedom. The knowledge of it alone is refreshing and satisfying.

There are Things that  lead to one being rusticated in a Nigerian University.

Here is a list of things common to most Nigerian Universities (Public and privately owned) That can lead to Rustication.

Things That Mostly Lead to Rustication In A Nigerian University


Fighting or Any Form of Physical Combat

This is one thing that is heavily frown upon in most Nigerian Universities.

Rusticated In Nigerian University

There are records which proves this. Fighting or any physical combat is not tolerated in any Nigerian University.


Smoking and Use of Heavy Drugs

The use of Heavy drugs or narcotics, or smoking is widely frown at in all Nigerian Universities.

Rusticated In Nigerian University

The University is a place for study and to connect with life. It is true that sometimes you get to go all social in The university. Primarily, most Nigerian Universities have zero tolerance level for people who smoke and use heavy drugs.


Cheating During Exams

This can Result to severe punishments and ultimately rustication. In Most Nigerian Universities Cheating during exams have a high relation to the rustication of most students.

rusticated In Nigerian University

Nigerian Universities Generally frown against this.



Students who write exams for other students, if caught this can lead to expulsion or attract severe punishments.

rustication in Nigerian university

Impersonation is a serious malpractice in every Nigerian University.


Unethical Act

unethical behaviors mostly lead  rustication in a Nigerian University.

This is common to private universities which have no tolerance for unethical behaviours.

Rustication in Nigerian University

some private universities have rules that even punishes one just listening to secular music alone.



In Nigerian Universities, this is one thing that widely frown upon.

Rustication In Nigerian University

Cultism is something most Nigerian Universities can’t tolerate, it evidently leads to rustication.



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