6 Solid Reasons Why Netflix Is Just Overrated


It’s no longer news that Netflix is here to stay and to take over the movie streaming medium there is. There are about 140 million subscribers to the movie streaming and downloading network.

The Network which was formed in 1997 has a primary business in its subscription based streaming service. Then, Netflix only provided a library of movies where subscribers can stream Movies and TV Shows.

Today, there are several original Netflix contents but having an original content, does that make you great?

Enough Stats and details…

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I just want to show you six solid reasons why Netflix is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good night in browsing through Netflix with a bucket of popcorn and cold pepsi, but is Netflix really the best thing since Suya and Bread?


Here Are Seven Reasons Why Netflix Is Just Overrated


No Student Plan

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The basic netflix plan is $7.99 (₦2,890), while the standard and premium comes with $8.99 (₦3,245) and $11.99 (₦4,325) respectively per month. Apple, Amazon prime and several other streaming services out there have basic student plans but not Netflix.


Too Many Skrep Contents


If you are subscribed to Netflix, then you would relate to this – It takes a lot to actually find great and amazing original contents on Netflix. It gets even bad… Many of your other favourite shows and movies are not even yet on Netflix!

If you are wondering what Skrep means, click here


Always Late Or Never

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So you just subscribed to Netflix and you are very excited to start streaming or downloading, then you search for ‘Game of Thrones’ (a very popular series about many kingdoms fighting for a crown… You get the gist?) but then you search returns to no result!

This is all on Netflix, don’t worry, you may (never) start seeing  Game Of Thrones two years later after the show has ended.


The Subtitles Need Some Work


Yes, a lot of the Netflix originals have the new, easy-to-read subtitles that are nice and accurate.

Also,  most of the content has this old, weird font subtitles that are riddled with errors. Plus, the languages available are way too limited.

Netflix has to have enough money to fix this if they can hire Will Smith to do a ridiculous alien-cop-comedy-disaster movie then they should be able to fix this.


There’s No ‘For You’ Feel


You know when you start watching something and immediately decide it’s not for you and shut it off? they don’t have that.

It would be nice if you didn’t have to see a thumbnail of something you are not interested in watching it every time you open.  Seriously, why isn’t there an option to hide certain titles you have no interest in?

No, I don’t want to continue watching that, I would like it to leave


Shows Keep Getting Cancelled, Kilode?

Man crying and shouting why

Luke Cage, The Get Down, The Break with Michelle Wolf, Sense8, All these were axed totally before their time.

Why let us become invested in characters just to snatch them away without closure? It’s so unfair!


Thanks for reading, remember, we’re not asking you to cancel your subscription but you’ll agree with us that Netflix is far from perfect and needs serious upgrade, especially on the Student plan.

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