6 Ridiculous Things People Say About Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issue

In Nigeria, the only mental health issue is actual madness. Well, every mental issue is madness, but the average Nigerian person would only regard a ‘mad man‘ on the street as the only one with a mental issue.

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Mental health issues don’t exist for us except you are mad and running naked on the streets. If one is depressed or suffering from ‘some mental illness‘, it’s your village people who are doing you or you need deliverance.

So, that said, we want to look at the ridiculous things people say about mental health issues. I’m sure you must have heard one or two of these.

Prayer Is The Key

Imagine a situation like this: You tell your friend that you feel depressed among many other mental health issues. After telling her, she goes:

Mental Health Issues

Have you prayed about it, prayer is the key. Let me give you my pastor’s number.

While prayer and praying sound ideal, a rather reasonable reply before that should be ‘Do you want to talk about it?’.

Your Own Is Even Small

So you are having financial issues and it’s pushing you to a dark place. You are clueless what to do and then you told someone, and he goes:

Mental Issues

Is that the only thing, well, your own is even small, my Landlord just gave me a quit notice

We all have problems, but it really makes little sense presenting problems amongst other problems.

E Be Like Say You Don Chop belleful

So this one is a common line when you tell someone you are going through some stuff that many people shy from talking about.

Let’s say you are struggling with gender identity (some people are, so.) or you are doubting your religious beliefs and it’s pushing you to a dark place

So you tell someone about this and then he goes:

Mental Health Issues

It’s not your fault, I don’t blame you! E be like say you don chop bellyful

E Be Like Say You Never Chop Today

Everyone is going through one challenge or the other but c’mon, Some things are just ridiculous when you say them at that moment when someone is opening up to you.

So you tell someone that you are depressed and she goes:

Mental Health Issues

Depressed ke? Ahh, E be like say you never chop today. Eat, you’ll be better.

Na Oyinbo Problem Be That

After explicitly explaining how you feel and what you are going through, they will then tell you:

Na Oyinbo Problem Be That

It’s Like That Thing Is Trending Now

When you tell someone that you feel depressed and in a dark place. You may be going through financial difficulties or suffering a heartbreak.

So you decide to tell someone and the person goes:

Hmm, Depression? It’s like that thing is trending o.

So I shall end it here. Although there are thousands more ridiculous things people say to people struggling with one mental issue or another.

We shouldn’t take these issues likely because they are there and people are struggling with these issues on a daily basis.

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Lol! True. This post gives insight into the minds of Nigerians


Most Nigerians actually think like this. I agree


Mehn! With the way things are these days, the suicide thing has become too popular.


Lol! Nigerians have a long way to go on this matter!


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