6 Organisation Tips for Students

School wouldn’t have been so much of a torment if folks did what they should when they should.
I believe last minute anxieties are the products of moments we take for granted to set our lives in order.
Yeah. But I think things can get easier for you too when you begin to win in the seemingly little things!
Here are 6 out of so many things you can start being deliberate about.


1. Create a computer–based filing system to store supplemental readings and resources.
If not, it’s just a matter of time before you realise you can’t find that very important e-book on your computer!


2. Purchase exam materials (stationeries, textbooks…) at the beginning of the semester to prevent problems on the day of the test.


3. Purchase an external hard drive to have a complete back up of reading assignments, papers or projects.


4. Clear your workspace!
Keeping an arranged, relatively empty study desk reduces distractions and saves time accessing materials.


5. Keep a checklist of assignments and identify resources needed to begin your work.


6. Prepare ways in which you congratulate and reward yourself for staying organised and on target with your studies.


That said, let’s get more intentional, shall we?

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