6 Cool Things about Being a Nigerian Student

Nigerian students have a lot of uncool characteristics, but If you were to mention one of the cool things about a Nigerian student, what would you it be?

Freedom? Aluta? Street-Smartness.

There are so many advnatages to being a Nigerian student especially if you attend  a Nigerian public University.

Although, Nigeria is one tough place to be and she’s the definition of real-life Jungle.

The same can be said about most Universities in Nigeria

Let’s mention a few.

Cool things about Nigerian students

Here are top 6 cool things about Nigerian Students


  • Real Life Situations

Being a Nigerian student is not all that rosy and definitely not a fantasy. If You Live on Campus as a Nigerian student, you get to face real life situations. Situations that build your experience for the world out there.

  • Flexibility

cool things about Nigerian students

Another cool thing about being a Nigerian student is that, the system teaches you to have a flexible approach to most situations.

  • Been there, done that!

cool things about nigerian students

The amount of experience you get as a Nigerian student is immeasurable. As a Nigerian student you learn to expect the unexpected.

  • Part of a community

cool things about nigerian students

Being a Nigerian student gives you the sense of being a part of a community. The university community is small enough to reach you and very large enough to contain you.

  • Window of several opportunities

cool things about Nigerian students

Being A Nigerian Student gives you several rooms to meet different people that you can actually learn from.

  • Cultural Diversity

cool things about nigerian students

In Nigeria as a country, there are over 250 ethnic groups and several tribes and cultures. This diversity can be found in all Nigerian Universities.

Being a Nigerian Students gives you an opportunity to learn about different cultures than yours.


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