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5 Weird Things That Can Only Happen In The University Of Lagos (UNILAG)

The University Of Lagos, Unilag, is one of Nigeria’s highly rated  universities. As much as we look the school and all, there are certain things that are just bizarre about it, some of which are shockingly amazing.

The list shows the 5 weird things that can happen only at the University Of Lagos, UNILAG

Everyday is a party day


The university of Lagos prides herself in academic excellence and a vibrant student union body. The one thing that is weird among all that is the party lifestyle of her students, it’s only in UNILAG that you will see where there is a group organizing one party or the other everyday.

Bedbug, Bedbugs and more Bedbugs


The fight against the co-landlords of The University Of Lagos (UNILAG) didn’t start today. The bedbugs came just like a joke and now they have overtaken every space in the school hostels

There is hardly ever any Room you go into without sighting one bedbug on the walls or the mattresses.

The University Of Lagos and Strike

It is refreshing that the University of Lagos has a vibrant student union, but please consider some certain things before you embark on a feud between the management and the students. some of us just want to graduate.

Squatters and Landlords

unversity of lagos - hostel

It is only in Unilag that you will find 20 people squatting in an 8-man room. The way people do it is this: the owners of a particular space brings one or two of their friends to stay in the same room and just like that you can wake up to see different faces you’ve never seen before in your room.

The Students Themselves are weird

university of lagos - weird student

UNILAG students have a certain mindset which if you think about it, it’s just weird.

  • Night reading done with a girl or boy and nothing sexual happens. Is that one night reading??
  • It’s only in unilag that you will see about four guys wearing the same type of polo. must you wear what others are wearing?
  • The girls have the same kind of hairstyle. makes you wonder if they give them hairstyle of the week like in secondary school.
  • UNILAG boys can go hungry just to impress a babe. My brother, they did not send you to school to marry o.
  • The typical UNILAG Boy Thinks that Girls from Makama Hostel are the hottest girls on campus.
  • They think they have seen the world because they went to UNILAG
  • They Think that mariere Hostel is dominated by Gay Boys.
  • If You stay In Biobaku hall, then you are not even on campus.

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