How to know if you are a big boy on a Nigerian Campus

5 Ways To Know If You Are A Big Boy On A Nigerian Campus

How do you dress to school?

The answer to this question determines to a large extent how people perceive you on campus.

The way you dress helps people who notice you judge;

  • If you just a normal student who is content with wearing what he has,
  • A bookworm who doesn’t have time to care about what he wears ( you already know these guys from the soles of their feet),
  • Or the kind of student whose sense of style just screams “loaded”


So, how do you know a big boy on campus or how do know if you are a big boy on Campus?

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Here are 5 ways to know if you a big boy on a Nigerian Campus.


1.  Dress Sense

Big Boy on Nigerian CampusWe all know the normal way we dress for early morning exams.

Take a minute to picture that.

That’s how some people dress to school even on a normal day. With flipflops/slippers and “dirty jeans” with a rumpled & random t-shirt.

But the big boys on campus are different, most of the time, to know if a guy is a big boy on a Nigerian campus, one sign is the designer shirts/t-shirts and designer Slides that they wear.

Add cologne and a gold Rolex to the mix, then you are definitely one of the big boys.

Now, just because you do this on a single occasion after you manage to get an original shirt at a discount or as a gift, doesn’t make you one of the big boys but If you have this next one, no one would doubt your big boy status.

At least the majority won’t.

Get this designer dotted-shirt for men  with a sleek sense of style


2. Have a Ride

It is popularly called Ride by most students on Nigerian campuses but, like it or not a car is one of the sign to know if you are a big boy on a Nigerian campus.

Although any kind of car will do even if it’s a small Golf car so long it’s pimped up nice and has good air conditioning and music playing system.

Please, an old rickety Peugeot 505 doesn’t count except you own a vintage car.

Now, that’s a whole new level of Big.


3.) “Wear Original”

Big Boys on Nigerian CampusYes, wearing all the designers and fashion items stated in number 1 makes you a big boy in school

But only if, they are original.

If they aren’t, you are no different from the normal student who wears loafers to school because we know the difference between Pamu and Puma, Nike Air Jordans and Sports Canvas.

Yeah, we do.

So, if you are part of those that wear fake fashion stuff and you know it but your friends continue to hail you.

Man.. run from those guys, they are mocking you.


Nike Air VaporMax



One way to know a big boy on a Nigerian campus is in the original stuff he wears or owns like;



4. Tech Gadgets

Another popular way to know if you are a big boy on campus is in the type of phone you use or gadgets you own.

Most Big boys on campus own the latest iPhones or Samsungs. Only a few of them use costly Tecno phones. They own smart gadgets like Beats By Dre headphone and Speakers, latest laptops, most of them use Mac Books.


big boy on a nigerian campus

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5. Girls flock around them

Don’t even think about the quality of girls that roll with these guys.

Believe it when I tell you that these guys don’t fancy “loose girls”

But these guys who belong to the “not-so-look-gooding” guys category attract girls. Some of these girls are drop-dead gorgeous, you wonder how the guy got the girl to recreate the beauty and the beast situation.

These girls are very expensive. From the beauty products they use on their faces to the expensive stuff they wear like Hair or carry like Bags.

You don’t want to come close to these girls if your chances of feeding in school are determined by your monthly pocket money. Except you make thousands in sales as a student entrepreneur on platforms like

Then, Just Do it!



Know a friend who wants to be in the big boy league on your campus, share this article with them or if you are the chairman of the big boys already, please drop any comments on anything we missed.


Note: We don’t know how these “so-called big boys” do it but please don’t try to find out or copy them except you enjoy SARS/EFCC Troubles.

Yahoo Boys

Stay tuned for the next article on Different types of Big Boys on Nigerian Campuses.

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