Breakup On Campus

5 Ways Guys React To A Breakup On Campus

Breakup On Campus


Have you ever been heartbroken? Let me rephrase that, Have you ever been dumped by a babe?

Breakup On Campus

Breakups can be really hard to get over with, especially if it’s coming at the least expected time.

So different people react to break up in different ways. Today we are looking at how guys on campus reacts to different breakups


Breakup On Campus


Petty Actions To Make Her Jealous

Breakup On Campus

Some guys just lose it and go out of their way to make the girl jealous. I’m sorry it’s over, can you just move on!

These kind of guys would do anything just to make the babe regret her actions. From taking pictures with other random girls to buying them stuff.

They know how to hide their pain. You think They’re over it but deep down they are not.


You Suddenly Judge For No Reason

Breakup On Campus

So she dumped you some weeks ago and you tell everyone that you’re over it. You’ve moved on. But why do you keep judging any guy you see her with?

These set of guys are those that suddenly hate a brother for no reason but that they see him with their ex. Again, she has dumped you, move on with your life, it’s not that deep!


ESS To The Stalker

Breakup On Campus

These Ones don’t really make their pain obvious, they are low-key pained but they rather just sit at one corner and watch.

They follow their ex everywhere online, they view stories, pictures but never dare to comment.

A typical stalker is one that views the ex’s story, starts typing a reply “I miss you, I want you back…” and suddenly delete it.


The Mr. Hopeful Attention-ist

Breakup On Campus

If you see a guy that is always looking to impress his ex, just know that he is still on her.

The Mr. Hopeful Attention-ist would do anything in his power to get his girl back. These are the ones that try a new look, buy a new phone and literally change everything about themselves just to get their girl back.

So you think she left you because you don’t own the latest iPhone? True, Maybe, but is it really worth breaking your bank account?


Extended Family Outreach

Breakup On Campus

Before I start with these ones, don’t judge me because of the name. I was totally blank on what to call them.

That said, These are the ones that involve members of their family to help win an ex back (The name makes sense now right?)

So she dumped you and you text her from your mum’s phone, “Why did you leave my son? He’s nothing without you!” seriously though, that’s some huge level of pettiness.

There you have it, the five ways students reacts to breakup on campus over a girl they truly love.

Don’t even get me started on the love part, It could all be lust, but all join!


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