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5 Uncommon But Good Courses In Nigerian University

Have you ever heard any Nigerian child say “I want to be a horticulturist” or “I want to be a land manager”?

Many children grow up with the idea that the best they can be is becoming doctors, lawyers, dentists, and many other professions that are widely accepted in mainstream Nigeria.

why do you think this is so though?

Most people believe that they will find fulfilment in studying to become doctors or lawyers and so many professional courses.


Here are 5 Uncommon Courses In Nigeria That are Good


Agricultural Science

Uncommon Nigerian University Courses

what comes to your mind when you hear the word Agriculture?

Many people are ready to restrict Agriculture to farming and rearing animals, the honest truth is that there is more to agriculture than just farming and working the earth.

There is a whole level to agriculture that most people don’t know. Agriculture is the bedrock to many life process.


Marine Biology

Uncommon Nigerian University Courses

This is another uncommon course. The course studies life in the sea and has many aspects surrounding it.

Did you know that marine biologist study the oceans too? According to facts the earth is made up of 71% of water.

Marine Biologist can end up being researchers and marine environmental instructors which can be exciting.



Uncommon Nigerian University Courses

There are many people who can actually sing well, but it is not enough to just know how to sing. Music is beyond vocals and running scales.

Music is an art and it should be studied to attain perfection. Survey shows that 8 of 10 people can sing and only 2 of 10 people actually know the art of music.

Many Nigerians will not readily opt in to study music but everyone listens to music.


Food Science and Technology

Uncommon Nigerian University Courses

Food science is the applied science devoted to the study of food.

The technology of it is applying the science in to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food.

It is deeper than you think trust me. who doesn’t eat packaged or canned food these days?

A food scientist have vast career options in the long run and they can work in virtually any organization there is, Who doesn’t eat food?


Early Childhood Education

This course is offered in over 20 Nigerian Universities. It is best described as one of the rarest courses in Nigerian education system.


Early childhood education plays a huge role in the development of children.


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