5 Types Of Friends You Definitely Have On Campus

Friends On Campus

‘Birds of the same feathers flock together. Ever heard this? I bet your mother warned you about keeping the wrong friends on campus. While they are right, they just also may have been shallow.

The university is a place where you’ll find all kinds of people with many characters and personalities. While you may want all your friends to be considered as good, they all can’t be the same (good).

Today we are bringing you the five types of friends on campus. Among all your friends, one must definitely fit in our category.

So let’s dive right into it.

The Cheap Friend

Friends On Campus

There is that one friend who always suggests walking instead of getting a taxi, no?

Even though it’s an emergency, a test that is about to start and you are all late, they would still say ‘Make we leg am joh’   

They are the ones always looking at going to places with free entry and student deals and always complain about being poor but refuse to touch their savings.

The Posh Friend

Friends on Campus

On the opposite end of that spectrum is the posh friend. ‘OMG Let’s just get an Uber’

The posh friend has a specific and unique ability to bring every single conversation back to talking about one vacation or the other.  They are completely baffled by the concept of buying food from Shop 10.

The Loud Friend

Friends On Campus

The friend you just can not control.

Always up for a good time and would never say no to a night out. When they’re out, they know the words to every song the DJ plays and can often be prone to wandering off and returning hours later after you’ve already filed a missing person report.

They often wake up the next morning, missing their phone, bank-card, ID (and dignity). An absolute liability but you love them, anyway.

The Lazy Friend

When you want to make plans with this friend, it has to be after 3 pm because they refuse to leave their bed before midday. Everyone wonders how on earth they are still at university as they have been to only two lectures all semester and start all their essays the night before they are due?

Horrific sleeping patterns, a diet of noodles and eggs and bed sheets which haven’t been washed since freshers’ week can identify the lazy friend.

Mom Friend

Need a paracetamol? Ask the mum friend. Need some hand-gel or moisturiser? Ask the mum friend.

The mum friend has you covered. The mum friend might have taken a few years out before starting university or maybe she is just a mum trapped inside a university student’s body. They are reliable, responsible, and always have your back.


There are definitely other types of friends you meet at the University. Do you know what type of friend you are in your friends’ circle? Let us know using the comment section.


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