Friend-zoned on campus

5 Types Of Friend-Zone You May Get Trapped In On Campus

Friend-Zoned On Campus

Before I start to give you all the gist about friend-zoning on campus, let me ask.

Who do you think put the other in a friend-zone position?

Guys or Girls?

Ways you could get friend-zoned on campus.

Many guys have been there at one point of their lives. You see a babe you are into, you make a sharp move and next thing you know she puts you in the most dreading position. The friend-zone position.

As interesting as dating on campus is. It can be really tough to find that one person that will love you for who you are (I Know it’s sounding like one soap opera now).

In my own opinion, I believe that the guys are more victims of being friend-zoned on campus.

Let’s look at the five type of friend-zone you may get trapped in on campus.

5 Types Of Friend-zone on Campus


Basic Friend-zone

So you’ve meet a great girl (or guy) and you guys click at first meet and all of a sudden things go sideways.

Friend-zoned on campus

What you’re expecting is not what you’re getting. So you decide to spice things up and go on a “basic date” to see a movie. You decide to push further and then the other person says “no na, I  have a boyfriend/girlfriend ”

My dear brother or sister, you have just been friend-zoned.

The babes are mostly the queens of basic friendzoning.

Friend-zone  With Strategy

So you meet a babe or a guy and things are moving well and out of nowhere he/she says “you know I value what we have”

Friend-zoned on campus

This is a kind of friend-zone that people put people for future use. It is very common with both guys and babes.

They like the idea of you, they see you as a husband material but they  never agree to do anything. They rather just maintain the friendship.

Babes that put guys in this friend-zone are afraid to seen as cheap by the guy.


“We Look Like a Couple but no we’re just Friends”

I will never understand how people do this. In this zone, the both parties look so great together, Their pictures are on fleek and everything is just perfect.

Friend-zoned on campus

But the truth is that they’re just friends. The victim (Usually the guy) will be the “pretend bae” for pictures and appearances. Nothing serious ever happens here. Moving on!!!


“What if he doesn’t like me” zone

So you meet a guy and you really like him, part of you knows that he knows but you just can’t make a move.

Friend-zoned on campus

So you know a girl is falling for you but you don’t like her that way but you just play along.

The victim of this kind of Friend-zone is the babe, and I honestly wouldn’t blame the ladies. Society has trained ladies not to make the first move.

You are scared of being rejected, so you just remain in the friend-zone.


Friends Until Hormones Kick In

Some people maintain a good friendship/relationship until their natural needs come in the way.

Friend-zoned on campus

It could be something as basic as a kiss from the other person who obviously has been crushing on you for long. You would go with the flow and after that, things will just go sideways, or it becomes a thing.



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