Healthy Campus Tips

5 Tips To Staying Healthy On A Nigerian Campus

Healthy Campus Tips

Most Nigerian students focus mainly on getting good grades (and maybe other things),and forget one important thing.

Going through the university with good health is as important to getting and finishing with good grades.

Most Nigerian students focus more on classes, assignments, social meetings and maintaining a social life but forget to maintain their health

5 Healthy Campus Tips


Eat Right

With the rush that  comes with the university, Most students often ignore the importance of eating right. Most Nigerian Student spend more on junks and quick foods but hardly eat real healthy foods.

Healthy Campus Tips

Avoid Junk foods and always go for healthy foods that will keep you healthy and energized.


Get Enough Sleep

It is true that the university system can be stressful and quite challenging but getting enough sleep is key to maintaining good health.

Healthy Campus tips

To stay healthy make sure to get enough sleep and rest.



Combining Exercise to one’s busy schedule is difficult but necessary to maintain a healthy life on campus.

Healthy Campus tips

fitting daily exercise to your daily routine is a good way to stay healthy.


Avoid Smoking and Heavy Drugs

The one thing that is common these days is smoking. As a Nigerian Student who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy, you want to avoid this.

Healthy Campus Tips

Smoking damages the lungs and bronchus in the long-run


Drink Lots of Water and Stay Hydrated

Staying Hydrated is one way to keep yourself healthy, refreshed and balanced for any activity on campus.

Healthy Campus Tips

water has some properties that helps keep your body refreshed. The world health organization recommends about 2 liters of water per day to stay healthy.


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