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5 Things You Can Try After Your Exams

University Life

There’s nothing as stressful as examinations – for the serious ones maybe, but at least, even if you are not so serious with your studies, it’s difficult to sit for hours racking your brain.

With the 2019 exam season upon us, it is unfortunate you’re most likely stuck inside with your head in a book thinking this will never end! The weather is getting hotter and using all the meteorological expertise you’ve worked out that as soon as you finish exams it will be the rainy season.

Well, that could be the case, but then again the rainy season hasn’t been that great a season.

Luckily for you, the exam season will end and will end soon for most of you. And this is where the fun begins.

That said, we are here to give you tips on what you can try out after your exams, fun things, please!

A Daytrip To The Beach

University Life

There is nothing like a beach trip.

Luckily for Nigerians, Nigeria is not an inland Nation, this means there are parts of it that are ocean-bound.

It means beaches surround us, especially in Lagos and some parts of the South-South and the East. Actually, you cannot be over 70 miles from the sea at any point if you are a student in Lagos.

Therefore, get someone who’s got a car on board and head down to the beach. The great thing is you can do this mid week so will have the beach pretty much to yourselves and no annoying kids running about.

I know it’s limiting, but hey, check other options below.

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Throw A House Party

University Life

Most likely, you’ll be moving back to your parents’ house so it will be unlikely that they’ll allow you to host a small gathering let alone a full-blown house party.

Plus, by this time in the year, you probably know that you will not get back your full deposit, so you may as well throw a house-party.


Take A Mall Trip

University Life

If the weather is good, those few weeks after exams should as many window shopping as possible. Whether you are boxed up or not, take a trip to the mall with your team.

Soon enough, the rains will come and you will be indoors mostly.

Have Yourself A Last Supper

University Life

This may be the last time you live with these people, especially if you are graduating!

So it’s worth making the effort and planning a great meal with all your housemates. Don’t just offer them some leftover rice; everyone should get involved and make something fancy. Chuck in two glasses of wine each and a cheese plate, and it could be vaguely sophisticated.

Visit Other Friends At Othe Universities

University Life

Remember back to September when you promised your mates from back home you’ll visit them at their universities?

I’m guessing this hasn’t quite happened yet. Well, after exams is the perfect time to actually do it. You’ll all be free and there will be plenty of post-exam partying going on wherever you head to!


Which one of these activities are you likely to try? Let us know by using the comment box.

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