Nigerian University Lecturer

5 Things that could get you sent out of a lecturer’s class

Nigerian University Lecturer

There are certain things that can make a typical Nigerian university Lecturer get angry to the point of sending a student out of the class.

Some students have a way they behave that most lecturers would consider inappropriate.


5 Things That Could Get You Sent Out Of A Lecturer’s Class.



  • Causing Distraction

Nigerian University Lecturer

This is one of the top things that would get you kicked out of a Nigerian University.

Sometimes students just don’t know that they may be causing some sort of distractions to their lectures by their actions.

It may be that moment you want to whisper something to your seat partner or that moment when your phone is ringing persistently.


  • Indiscriminate chewing gum

Nigerian University Lecturer

Some Nigerian Students are 100% guilty in this aspect. This is one way to set your lecturers off. We know that there are many reasons why most Nigerian students chew gum, but before you chew your Gum, make sure you’re not using it to cause distractions.


  • Arriving Late

Nigerian University Lecturer

If you are perpetual late comer this is often not accepted by most Nigerian Lecturers. Lecturers often expect you to be in class just before they arrive.

If you are several minutes late, you could get kicked out. Except your lecturer is a nice person.


  • Insulting or Talking Back at Your Lecturer

Nigerian University lecturer

Trust Me, this is something you want to avoid doing.

Some lecturers would not only send you out, but make sure they make you regret this action in every possible worse way.


  • Sleeping Through Lectures

Nigerian University Lecturer

We all know how stressful the university can make someone feel but at the same time it’s really what you’ve signed up for. So Brace yourself up and get ready for everything that comes with it.

Sleeping through lectures is one thing that can make a lecturer agitated and send you out of the lecture hall.


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