5 Things You Can Do During This ASUU Strike


The ASUU Strike which have lasted for a while now is obviously becoming a cause for alarm amongst many Nigerian Students.

Nigerian Higher Education system has over time experienced some exponential growth but the bad oftentimes outweighs the good.

Many Nigerian University student have it somewhere at the back of their minds that they may not go through The university without experiencing some setbacks.

This is mostly attributed to most state owned and federal owned schools that are affiliated to The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and never the private universities.

Over the past few years the union has embarked on several Strike action and for the same reason. Just this year alone the union has embarked on two short strike periods and currently on one that has lasted for three weeks now.

The pain that comes with the whole action doesn’t just affects the lecturers who are fighting for their unpaid salaries but also the students.

How ASUU STRIKE 2018 affects you!

It is somewhat obvious how the strike affects you. It pauses every academic activity on our respective campuses.

you would agree with me that this is as disastrous as it sounds. If you were to graduate in a few months time the strike would never let you, thereby slow tracking your progress.


5 Things To Do During The ASUU Strike


It is generally believed that an idle brain is the Devil’s workshop. There are several things one could actually do to while away time as one waits for positive news regarding the ASUU Strike 2018.

These recommendations are not only productive as you will find, they are also quite interesting and would go a long way in helping you.


Read An Academic or Motivational Book

ASUU Strike 2018

A Reader lives a Thousand Lives before he dies. The one who never reads lives only one. – George R.R. Martin

There is no amount of words to express the importance of reading. Yes we know that you may have some school texts and books to read but going out of your way to read something new can be equally exciting.

Reading Motivational books can shut your eyes to the harsh realities of the ASUU Strike 2018 and set you on a path that is absolutely exciting .

Try reading one book, a chapter a day is a good way to start.

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Look For Short Term Job Openings

ASUU Strike 2018

Another great way to while away time is by getting a job (That pays).

Getting somewhere that takes you out of the house each morning is a great idea. Do not settle for less in your search, look for a job that pays.

Most Employers would not readily hire you because you are a student but it wouldn’t hurt to at least try.


Start Up A Business Or Training Center

ASUU Strike 2018

If you are not cut out for Reading a book or getting a job, you can practice what you have learnt so far.

Entrepreneurial studies is being taught in most Nigerian Universities and now could be a good time to venture into it.

Have you got any talent or skills?

You can start to train others and trust me if you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll enjoy training others.


Volunteer And Learn A New Skill

ASUU Strike 2018

There are many ways to give back to your community, one of them is volunteering for social works.

You can volunteer for several community projects, which you will enjoy in the long run.

You can also opt in to learn a new skill in several aspect of the workforce.

learning a trade or acquiring a skill will take your mind off the worries of sitting squarely during the ASUU Strike 2018.


Travel And Catch Up

ASUU Strike 2018

Being in school is very important! (That said,) but it can also be restricting.

The University can restrict you from doing several fun things that you would probably  do on a normal day (Especially if you’re giving your all to it).

As The ASUU Strike continues to linger, Now may just be the perfect time to travel and catch up with several  things.

You could catch up with friends, family or that TV Show you haven’t seen in a while.

You can generally make the ASUU Strike your long weekend getaway!



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