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5 Things To Avoid As a Final Year Student

So you have made it this far in this stage of your academic journey? There are certain things you should consider to avoid now that you are a final year student.

Nigerian University System not only grooms you for the real world, it also sets you off with an assurance of the real word (Whatever that means).

Here are 5 things you need to Know as a final year student


Avoid Getting In Trouble

This is very important. Trust me. As a final year student, the last thing you need is to be in any kind of trouble, whether financially, with a lecturer or otherwise. Just stay out of it.

Final Year Student

Some Students find it really hard to avoid getting into trouble with people around them. Especially the final Year students.


Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

The last thing you need as a final year student is to be hooked up with one thing or another.

Final Year Students

There is nothing as satisfying as Having a clean slate before you leave the university. So this is something you should take note of before you hang your boots.


Don’t Rile Anyone Up

Trust me when I say that you honestly don’t need to get someone irritated or angry before you leave the university.

Final Year Student

Make sure that the memories those behind you will have are good ones, don’t leave them on a sad note that’ll make them regret ever knowing you. No one wants That.


Gather As Much Information As You Can

It’s a scary world out there and you need as many information and tools to help you kick-start your life.

final year student

As a final year student, it’s okay to ask questions where you don’t seem to understand. No one Knows Everything.

You are not supposed to know it all but at least gather as much information necessary for you.


Be Prayerful

This is one tool that you need to see through your final year. You need to be Prayerful and thoughtful on the things you need.

final year students

Look at where you at and where you are going to.


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