5 Reasons Why Jose Mourihno Was Sacked

It’s no longer news that Manchester United Coach, Jose Mourinho, has been sacked today.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you’ve been following Manchester United’s performance lately.

Most would say the Portuguese Gaffer had it coming after suffering a couple of embarrassing losses in the English Premier League, with the most recent one being the loss to Liverpool on Sunday and another loss in the Champions League against Valencia.

Before his sack, Jose Mourinho recorded quite a number of victories;

He won the Europa League and League Cup (2016-17) before finishing second in the Premier League last season and reaching the FA Cup final.

But aside all this, there are various speculations about why Jose Mourinho got sacked.

Here are 5 popular reasons why Jose Mourinho got sacked as the Red Devils Boss.

1. United’s Performance

Jose Mourinho Manchester UnitedIt is on record that this season was one of United’s worst start to a season in 28 years. The red devils recorded 7 Wins, 5 draws and 5 Losses. Also, most wins United recorded this season were from behind with the most memorable one being the comeback against Juventus in the Champions League.

So far, Manchester United’s performance under Jose Mourinho this season can only be considered as “Mediocre”

2. Style of Play

United is popularly known for playing attacking football

But under Jose Mourinho the team’s style of changed to a more defensive style of play which made the United’s team to score fewer goals and concede more.

Manchester United conceded more goals this season than any other club in the top three.

3. Jose Mourinho’s relationship with the players

The fact that Mourinho had a shaky relationship with his players was no secret. Especially with one of United’s most expensive player, Paul Pogba.

So it was not a surprise that Paul Pogba posted a rather controversial post on his Instagram page after the special one got sacked.

Jose Mourinho Manchester United4. Mourinho’s relationship with the Board

Aside from the dressing room, Jose Mourinho was not on good terms with the club’s management especially with the club’s Executive Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward.

According to Mourinho, the club’s management refused to support him during the summer transfer market.

He had wanted at least one new center-back but he did not get one, with the club signing £50m midfielder Fred, Porto youngster Diogo Dalot and Lee Grant as a backup goalkeeper.

So far, Mourihno spent 315 Million Pounds since 2016, as compared to Guardiola’s spend of 403 million pounds.

5. Jose Mourinho’s personal attitude

Jose Mourinho Manchester UnitedSome called him arrogant. While some would call him harsh, but Mourihno’s “devil-may-cry” attitude was never a new thing.

He was known for this attitude on the pitch and off the pitch.

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