200 and 300 level

5 Reasons Why 200 & 300 Levels Are The Hardest

200 and 300

Are you fresher and wondering what the journey looks like ahead?

Going to the university is a fun adventure because it brings a bunch of new and exciting things into your life.

A new place to live, new friends, new classes, new professors, etc.

Everything is new. But then fresher year ends and it’s on to 200 level and then 300 till you’re done on the fourth year.

You may have heard that the university gets easier as you progress. So not true! The struggle that comes with the university progresses as you go in.

So Here’s Why 200 and 300 levels are the hardest


Classes That Make You Rethink

200 and 300 level

So you had one aim when you wrote JAMB. To become the next rated accountant and everything seems to be going fine from day one. Now you’re in your 200 level and you’re wondering: “what I’m i even doing here?”

As you progress, you’ll come to find out that it gets tougher. Your classes become more challenging and it makes you rethink if you’ve made the right choices.


People Change, No, Your friends Do!

200 and 300 level

Truth: you will make amazing friends in your fresher year and you’ll think they would last forever.

Truth: People change, your friends do. Some friends will leave you and find someone else or chase a dream.

The journey gets tough either ways.


Home Sickness with No Cure

200 and 300 level

The hunger to be done with the whole thing and just go back home will continue to increase as you progress.

You will come to realize that home is where the heart is and that’s at the comfort of your house.

200 and 300 level are really not easy. Trust me.


Too Much Responsibilities

200 and 300 level

Lecturers will continue to remind you of the real world and what’s expected of you after here and now.

This can be scary as no one would tell you just how quick time flies.


More challenging Classes

200 and 300 level

You’re not just taking the easy general education courses this year. Now you are focusing on the more important classes to get into your course. These classes can be the make it or break it classes for you.


What Do you think about this? Is the 200 and 300 level the hardest university timeline?

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