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5 Reasons To Consider Before Choosing UNILAG As Your First Choice Institution


The University Of Lagos (UNILAG), is one of Nigeria’s most highly rated institutions. The university prides itself as the nation’s first choice university by providing different undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

unilag student
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UNILAG, As it is commonly has a vibrant student union body and a standard for excellence for its students,

There are certain things to consider first before choosing UNILAG as Your first choice in the coming JAMB 2019

Things to consider before choosing UNILAG


High Level Of Competition

UNILAG is not just an academically oriented university. There are tons of other activities that goes on at the university.

Unilag students

The university of Lagos revolves around competition both academically and socially. To get into and stay in the university is also a competition.

If you don’t Like stress, just steer clear.


High Standards

The University of Lagos has a standard that can only be compared with a few federal and state universities in Nigeria.

unilag student

This is probably because of the Name they have made for themselves. An average UNILAG student is expected to have a certain quota of these standards, but what happens if you are not all about that?

As a UNILAG Student, so much is expected of you. If you can’t handle it, this is another reason not to consider the school.


Several Distractions

This is due to its location. UNILAG sits at the center of Akoka Yaba, Lagos. A place full of several forms of activities that can easily sway you from your academic pursuit.

Unilag Students

Aside from its location, UNILAG has a vibrant student body which approves and organizes several activities on campus, both academically and socially.


A Certain Form of Comfort

If you live in Lagos and you are hoping to choose UNILAG as your first choice institution and become a UNILAG Student, you might want to reconsider.

Unilag student

The proximity from your house to the school is small, and that creates a certain form of comfort to you. something that can in-turn be detrimental to your studies.


Little Or No Space

Because of the numerous number of candidates that want to pursue one degree or the other at the University, UNILAG has turned to a hub that cannot contain every students.

unilag student

Students have often time complained about the space issue on campus.


In all, The University Of Lagos Remains a great school and the country’s most sort after University.


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