Admission without jamb

5 Options To Gain Admission To University Without JAMB

Admission Without JAMB

Many Nigerian Students have always wondered if it is possible to gain admission to the university without JAMB.

The answer to that question is YES!

There are plenty of options available at your disposal to gaining admission to any Nigerian University.

Some of these options end with a degree that pushes you to Direct Entry qualification, others offer regular bachelor’s degree.

5 Ways To Gain Admission Without JAMB

Nigerian Open University (NOUN)Admission Without Jamb

The Nigerian Open University is not just for people in the workforce.

If you don’t even want to go through the stress of writing the JAMB Examination or the wait of it, then this option is for you.

Most Nigerians always confuse NOUN as a university for people who are already in the workforce.

This is ultimately false as The National Open University like every other accredited Nigerian University offers the same.

The National Open University is not a part-time school and its definitely a sure way to gaining admission quickly.

You can get more information about The National Open University by clicking here

Joint Universities Preliminary Board (JUPEB)

Admission Without Jamb

JUPEB is a National Examination body that gives prospective students to apply for a one year course (usually 9 Months).

Students apply to their choice institution and under go intensive classes for 9 Months after which they would take an exam.

Upon successful completion of the program, students can now apply for various institutions affiliated to JUPEB.

Students who are successful, resume to 200 level in their selected institutions, respectively.

This another sure way to gain admission without taking the JAMB Exam

All You Need to know about The JUPEB programme can be found here

Interim Joint  Matriculation Board (IJMB)

Admission Without Jamb

Just Like The JUPEB programme, The IJMB is a 9 months duration programme that places students directly to 200 Level.

Students who wish to gain admission easily and quickly without JAMB should consider this option.

Many Nigerian Universities are affiliated to the Interim Joint Matriculation Board.


Private Universities

Admission Without Jamb

Many Nigerian private Universities are regulated by The NUC but they are not restricted to making their own rules.

Some private universities overlook the one thing that most federal and states Universities are keen about  JAMB cut-off mark.

So it really doesn’t matter what you’ve scored in the Jamb exams, other don’t even need your Jamb results. All you need do is register For JAMB.

Diploma/Basic/Pre-Degree University

Admission Without Jamb

This is another way to secure quick entrance to the university and to 200 Level.

Taking a diploma course or a basic/pre-degree programme secures your entrance to most Nigerian Universities.

Depending on the school and course, this could take a few months or 1-3 years.

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