5 OMG Moment Every University Student Will Experience

University Experience

So you want to talk about university experience? Ok wait, let me remember a few!

The University experience may practically be the best (or worse) experience of your life. Hold on tight and enjoy every moment that is worth enjoying, because as soon as you leave those walls, Life!

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So now you’re here, let’s look at five ‘OMG’ moment every university student will experience or must’ve experienced.

That One Night You Choose Your Bed First…

University Experience

And it becomes the best night for your friends.

It’s hard to say no to a night out, but some days you just don’t feel like leaving your bed for anything.

But how come that one night you say no becomes the night that goes down in history?

Just When You Thought You Are Free…

University Experience

...And then you realize that they have released the exam timetable.

One week you’re floating on a cloud – little or no work to do, your days are free to socialise and nights are free to party.

Then one Monday like that it just hits you in the face like a ton of bricks: Exams are upon us!

Suddenly you’ve got three assignments to complete, ‘four’ lots of reading to do and ‘ten’ exams coming up.

I Didn’t Even Know He Was Eying Me…

Image result for girl blushing gif

...Till he asked for my number

Every lady has a crush and there is nothing as exciting as when your crush makes a move on you.

Left with you, you wouldn’t shoot your shots ‘eventually, you’ll get over him’ and dang! this happened.

That One Day You Decided To Worship At Your Friend’s Church…

University Experience

...And everyone else is wearing Ankara.

Don’t worry, God is not looking at your dressing my brother in the suit and tie but my members are…

Says the Pastor to the oddly dressed Man in the congregation

That One Night When You’re Giving Your Best At Reading For A Test…

...And the lecturer cancels it in the morning

Urghhh! I should have just slept.

Uncle, please remember that no knowledge is a waste. Just drink water, You’ll be fine.

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This is really funny… I totally relate to 2, 5 and 6

Popular Jingo
Popular Jingo

I like this… very relatable


lol. Facts only


*blank* me trying to remember an omg experience in school

The Emperor
The Emperor

Lol! I no fit forget when I managed to read for this political science test only for the lecturer to cancel and said he would you use attendance

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