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5 Kinds of People You Should Move With When in 100 Level

Five Kinds Of People On Campus

Nigerian Campus Students

The University is a place for different kinds of people. It is an Integration of several cultures, religions and background. Finding the right people for yourself isn’t as easy as it may sound in this post.

Nigerian Student Life

As a fresher, you want to surround yourself with people who can motivate you towards academic excellence and who will also make your campus experience interesting.

The List Below are the Five Kinds of People you should look out for and move with on campus.


The Academically Oriented Geeks

If you are all about hitting that first class and staying on track (who Isn’t right?), we recommend that you find the geeks and stick with them.

Nigerian Campus Students

With them you stand to gain a better or fond understanding of your everyday lecture. Note Below:

With the geeks, it’s books, books and more books, No fun sadly, but we still highly recommend them.


The Low-key Social Ones

If you are the kind of person that loves the comfort of just one or two people, then these are the right ones for you.

Nigerian Campus Student

They are well-informed and they know about what is happening on campus but they rather just keep to themselves.

These ones can help you avoid and stay out of Drama, because trust me, Drama will come.


The Life of The Party

Honestly, I was skeptical about including these ones (They didn’t send you to school for partying), but on the brighter side these ones can come in handy if you are looking for a chill out.

Nigerian Campus Students

They are the social ones on campus and can literally rock anything. They can help you build your social life (or destroy it).

Let’s be Honest, Life is not that hard, we all need to go out sometime.


The Religious Ones

Just as we have the party rockers and shakers on campus, we have the mountain movers too. The Religious ones are the go to when you need some sort of spiritual uplifting.

Nigerian Campus students

They can help you pray about almost anything that you need prayers for. We recommend that you find them and keep them.


The Well-Balanced Ones

These are the not so geeky, social or religious kind of people, they are just in between and can blend in just fine.

Nigerian Campus Student

They always seem like they have it in control (some of them do). You find them, you keep them.




 Academically Oriented Geeks

First thing he or she talks about is books or yesterday’s class, or library.

Low-Key Social Ones

First thing he or she talks about is themselves, or they just ask about you and how you’re doing.

The Life Of The Party

First thing they tell you is about one party coming up over the weekend.

The Religious Ones

They are the ones always trying to get you to come to their fellowship.

Well-Balanced Ones

These ones are not trying to sell anything to you or set you up with anything. Some times, they just want to talk

It’s not easy choosing who we move with but these are the closest you can find on Nigerian Campus. Pick One.


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