5 Kinds of Babes on Nigerian Campuses

Nigerian Campus Girls

Nigerian university is full of several kinds of students and the amazing thing about it is that these students are the sole reasons why your campus experience may be fun or not.

Today we look at the different kinds of babes on Nigerian Campuses, Number 5 will shock you!

Here are the top 5 Nigerian Campus Girls you will find in a Nigerian University


  • The Mother Theresa’s

Nigerian campus girls

These are the ones that are very caring to almost everyone they know. Even strangers too. They are just lovable and believe it or not they are the ones you probably need in your life.

  • The Life of The party on Friday Night but holy on Sunday

Nigerian Campus Girls

Some babes are just like the weather, they know how to switch up and turn up well. These ones are the ones that rock you in the club on Friday Nights and sing Amazing grace to you on Sunday morning.

  • Bleh Are You My Daddy?

Nigerian Campus Girls

These ones probably just wrote JAMB because they wanted to leave their house. They are the ones that are never present in class and sometimes you never see them till exam day

  • Married to My books

Nigerian Campus Girls

Some babes came to the university with one aim: first class issa goal.

These are the ones that don’t have time for trivial activities. All they know is How to read, Read, and read again. Please life is not that hard.

  • Linda Ikeji Interns

Nigerian campus girls

There are certain babes on campus that just know what is happening like right away. They are the rumor mongers and the gossips that you really don’t want to get involved with.

These ones just know how to escalate whatever is happening on campus. If you love and enjoy your privacy, steer clear from them. I repeat, steer clear from them.


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