Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

5 Kind Of Girls Guys Look Out For On Campus

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

To all my ladies out there, Guys are really not that complex. The typical man knows what he wants and will readily go for it.

Are a Lady and you’ve been finding it hard to connect rightly with any guy on campus?

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

So here’s the simple truth, There are certain categories of girls every guy is looking for.

Some guys are like Oliver Twist, wanting a little bit more from the five kind of babes. Others are just looking for one.

So take a look at the five kind of babes on campus that guys are highly attracted to.

So you don’t see yourself belonging to any of this category? Do not worry about that.

You just may be a rare gem.

Five Kind of Babes Guys Are Attracted to on Campus


Sucker for Love

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

Honestly, Every guy wants that babe that is not only loyal but will love them no matter what.

A babe that will easily forgive their foolish manly mistakes all in the name of love.

So typically a  babe that Loves you no matter what mistake you make in the end.


Happy Homemaker

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

A happy homemaker is no gold digger. All she wants is  a nice, cozy home. She wants to take care of you, hopefully start a family someday with you.

This kind of babe is not that easy to find these days. And any guy that finds a babe like this, should keep her.


The Alpha Female

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

Anyone can spot an alpha female, trust me it’s that easy, But if you can’t though, it’s fine.

The typical alpha female is one who has no time for side attractions. She probably keeps a diary and write out all her schedule for each day.

She’s not boring trust me. She stays focused and goal oriented.

She doesn’t think of herself as helpless as many others do.

So the alpha female is another kind of Babe guys are looking out for.


The Life Of The Party

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

So you go to a party and spot a girl talking to everyone and walking like she owns the place, She is very social and can relate well with almost anyone.

This kind of babe is not shy, they talk about things that no one is talking about and they like to turn up and drop it like it’s hot.


10/10 Babes

Five Kind Of Babes On Campus

Some ladies are just the complete package. So this kind of babe has everything in a woman. So she has good looks, she’s caring, social, spiritual, focused, everything.

The good thing about this kind of babe is that you get to discover great amazing sides to them everyday.


So there you have it, The five kind of babes that guys are looking for on campus.


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