5 Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

Student Games

We all know that getting drunk is fun but getting drunk whilst playing games is even more fun! Who agrees with me?

Drinking games are the ultimate way to get your pre-drinks flowing, so here are five suggestions to get ready for a great night out!

The following is a list of games every student should know. Well. you may say you are not the party or outgoing type, but it wouldn’t hurt to know one or two of these games..

So wasting no more time, let us dive right into it.


Ring Of Fire

student games

To play Ring of Fire, you’ll need an empty pint glass and a pack of cards.

Just lay the playing cards face down in a circle around the empty glass and take turns to pick a card. Each card has a meaning and you must act accordingly depending on which card you draw. Different people have different meanings for each card, but here is just one way you can play –

  • Triangle = Race. Choose another person and race with them to finish your drinks.
  • Cirle = Double. Chose two other players and ask them to drink.
  • Star = Hattrick. Drink three times.
  • Block (Box) = Floor. Put your thumb to the floor and all players must follow. The last person to put their thumb to the floor drinks.
  • Need (20) = Guys. All guys must drink.
  • Cross = Chicks. All girls must drink.
  • Any 7 = Heaven. Raise your hand, pointing to the sky. All players must follow and the last person to raise their hand must drink.
  • Any 2 = Mate. Choose someone in the group and you both must drink.
  • Any 14 = Divine. No rule, everyone just drinks.
  • Any 1 = Category. Choose a category and then everyone in the group has to say something that fits in that category. The person who can’t think of anything or hesitates, drinks.

Never Have I Ever

Student Games

This one is very popular and interesting too.

It is perhaps also the most revealing drinking game and definitely the funniest. Take it in turns to say ‘Never have I ever’ followed by a statement, and whoever has done what is said must drink. Try to think of the weirdest things possible to make this game as fun as you can!

Beer Pong

Student Games

To play this game, arrange cups filled with beer (or whatever drink takes your fancy) into a pyramid at both ends of a table. Form two teams and try to throw a ping pong (table tennis ball) ball into a cup. If the ball lands in a cup, the person you’re playing against must down that drink.


Image result for drink gif

Download the Picolo app (It’s a drinking game app), enter everyone’s names and simply answer the questions or follow the instructions it gives you. Be prepared for some crazy ones, good luck!


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A bit like Chinese Whispers but with a twist. Whisper a question to the person sitting next to you and they must answer the question out loud. Anyone who wants to know what the question was must drink.


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