Big boys on Nigerian Campus

5 different kinds of big boys on Nigerian Campus

There are some big boys on Nigerian Campus that  you just find yourself liking

Isn’t it?

If you don’t, you probably live in the chapel and library. Even if you live in a Chapel, some of these guys go there too.

Wait a minute, not all of them actually act like Pablo Escobar on campus, some are actually normal looking guys with no money but with likable personalities or who have some sort of influence.

But one thing they all have in common is the fact that “we like their way”.

So, here is a list of 5 different kinds of big boys on Nigerian Campus.


  1. The Rich Gang

We all know these guys.

They wear the designers. They drive cars even the V.C cannot afford, and they are rarely harassed by the Cult boys because of all they do is “sort”

Big boys on Nigerian CampusThe sorting also applies to lecturers who like to collect “Payola” to increase the marks of these guys because some of these so-called “big boys on Nigerian campus are not very bright especially in this category.

However, not all of them are runs-boys, a few try their best and back it up with their ability to sort.

Now, what we most like about these guys is their ability to dress nice, although not all of them dress like Hush Puppi. Some still wear flip-flops and old T-shirts to school.

But one thing these guys do is flaunt their wealth through their dressing, cars or jewelry and they get a lot of girls.


However, most people think the guys in this category belong to the Yahoo-Yahoo club. What do you think?

2.) The Fine Boys

big boys on Nigerian CampusJust as the name, these guys make up for their lack of money with their good looks and yes, their ability to dress up nice and look clean.

Now, these guys are not exactly broke but they don’t have some of what the first set of big boys on this list have. Girls, on the other hand, don’t necessarily flock around these guys, rather, they chase the girls and have a knack for getting them.

Some of these guys are friends with the rich gang boys while some don’t see eye to eye with them and if you check the genesis, it’s usually because of women.


3.) The Co-owners

Otherwise known as the “Egbons” or “Senior-prefects”.

Yeah, these guys act like they own the school because, in a way, they actually do. These guys are the ones you don’t want to have issues with or get your self-reported to.

Even the V.C don’t want these guys as visitors, not to talk of paying you a visit.

big boys on Nigerian Campus1Now, we don’t necessarily feel these guys (except those people who want to be part of them or are already part of them) instead most of us fear them because of what they do and groups they belong to.

Some of these guys are broke and haggard looking but you will have to give them respect whenever you see them or better still.

big boys on Nigerian Campus

4. The Influencers and Ambassadors

These guys are the kind of big boys on Nigerian campus that get all the attention.

They neither have loads of cash nor look like they walked out of a magazine cover, but one thing they have is their talent.

For some, the talent could be the ability to create comedy skits like Lasisi Elenu, Maraji etc

While some just have the ability to sell snow to an eskimo (they’ve got marketing skills) like the Vasiti guys on your Campus.

But the popularity of these guys get is what makes them a part of this list of big boys on Nigerian campus.


5. The Entrepreneur


The guys are the legit big boys.

They make money through the ability to sell anything and everything legal. Some of them own stores online and on sites like, Jumia, and Konga while some already have physical stores on their campus and outside the campus.

They are known for the quality of their work. These are in our opinion, the real big boys.

Big boys on Nigerian Campus

And that’s all the category of big boys on Nigerian Campus. While you might not agree with all but you must agree with a few on this list.

If you think we missed some set of people, just share your suggestions in the comments section.

Now, if you have a friend who fits any of this category, share this article with alll of them except those in the “Senior Prefect” category.

Meanwhile, In case you missed “How to know if you are big boy on a Nigerian Campus“. Click here to catch up.

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