5 Aisha Buhari Faces And Their Low-Key Meaning

5 Aisha Buhari Face Pictures.

The First Lady and wife of our Dear President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari is well known for her public appearances on several occasions.

Her presence is quite refreshing and uplifting as it raises a beacon of hope for female empowerment in the country.

The list are five public images of the First Lady and their low-key meanings, something every Nigerian student can relate to.

   You See That Boy There, Me I am Tired Of Him

Aisha Buhari Faces

when your mother is reporting you to your father or when you just see two lectures discussing and you know for certain that they are talking about you.


Me I’m Just In One Corner Watching You

Aisha Buhari faces

Typical of most Nigerian mothers to communicate with just facial expressions, this picture says it all. when you know you are doing something wrong and you imagine if your mother could see you right now.


You see? I warned you!

Aisha Buhari Faces

when you have done something against your mother’s better advice and she decides to laugh at you small.


Please Leave Me Alone To Laugh Small!

Aisha Buhari face

Ever been watching something on TV and you just don’t find it Funny but your mother does.

Did I miss the joke or is it old people’s joke


So What Do You Want Me To Do Now?

Aisha Buhari face

The face some I-too-know secretaries make when you enter their office.

“how can I Help You”

“Ma, I only want to see the sub-dean”


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