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300 Level Student Of Crawford University Shades School In Long Rant.

Tolu Ayinde, a 300 level student of Mass Communication in Crawford University; has taken to social media to rant about the school.

From the institution’s management to the allegedly ancient and unreliable facilities; to the lack of basic human rights; Tolu left no stone unturned in his rant.

I am Tolu Ayomide, a 300 level student of mass communication in Crawford university Igbesa; and I want to strongly advice anyone considering coming to Crawford university in igbesa to stop!! Don’t even think of applying not to talk of coming to Crawford university. The facilities are the school are completely ancient and rusty; In the real sense of it the school can be described as a total village, the staff are totally incompetent and our vice chancellor Prof.

Isaac Rotimi is very wicked and greedy; he takes the view of the student with total levity, don’t even talk about student union in this school; because they are puppets in the hands of the vice chancellor who rules the school like a dictator. If you desire to acquire a university degree in a convenient environment; free from clamp down on human rights, don’t dare come to Crawford university.
I am a 300L student and I can tell you from experience; that we are occasionally mandated to kneel down and harassed by students on a daily basis; the school is not honest in their dealings with students, they usually seek every available opportunity to extort students of money that has been hard earned by our parents.

In addition, the cafeteria staff are nothing to write home about, they are constantly rude to students.

Most of the money the school earns is directed towards providing maximum comfort to the school’s management; who would stop at nothing to live in luxury, a testament to this is the multimillion naira Mercedes Benz suv that is owned by our vice chancellor; this is despite the fact that many of our laboratories lack adequate equipment’s.
Our hostels are a mess.

Although, I can’t take pictures and post here because of how graphic they are but believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to come to this school.

IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF, DON’T, I REPEAT DON’T COME TO CRAWFORD UNIVERSITY IN IGEBSA. I believe actions speaks louder than words so here are a few pictures of the mess called Crawford university below.

He also shared pictures of the university’s deteriorating environment:

Former and current students, what’s your take on this?

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