3 Reasons Why You Give Up Easily On Studying

Do you ever feel like you should be studying so hard, like right now, but you’re not? It’s like you don’t feel like a student for days at times because you probably haven’t seen your books for a week! Let’s face it.


1. You sometimes just get so bored of studying because a particular subject just seems a bit difficult to understand, and so you don’t study for days at a stretch. Truth is, you really just have to keep at it. You can’t afford to give up on it. You will eventually still have to learn and understand it.

2. On the flip side, you can also get so excited about your study that you probably study quite a lot in one day. This can give you a sense of accomplishment but also a pretence for not studying the other days.

3. A student can also get involved in other activities that can rob him of his time. Video games, social media, movies, hanging out with friends at the expense of his study can leave him “bookless” for days without realising it.

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