3 Kind Of FRIENDS To Get Rid Off When Starting A Business

What’s wrong with your Start Up business?

Your business plans? Your weird Ideas?



Yes, the kinds of friends can go a long way in determining how far your business would grow.

So, what kind of friends should you get rid of when starting up your business?

Hold on a sec!

Just because I said you should get rid of them when starting up a business, doesn’t  mean you should make enemies with them.

Rather you should learn how to separate  business from pleasure when it comes to these 3 guys.

 1. ” Pay Later” Friends:   

When you start a business, these set of guys would patronize your business but they never have money to pay up or always short of paying in full.

Wait a minute.

These guys are not bad people.

Infact, normally they are not debtors by nature but because you are their friend.

It’s easy to “pay later”

Yes, they have your interest at heart, but with the attitude of buying on credit and paying later.

It might take forever for your business to flourish.

On the other hand, under this category, there are set of friends called the “Friends of Utility

These friends will normally pay the full price for whatever they buy just like the guys mentioned above but;

Here is the twist

Unlike the former guy, these ones leave/bail whenever they are unable to get things on credit for you or take offense when you start pestering them frequently.

They are the ones that leave your message on “Read” whenever you start pestering them about your money.

So, what should you do about them?

Never sell on credit or ask them to pay later if you figure out that they might make it an habit.

Infact, one of the most effective thing you could do to these people is to tell them your product are “Sold Out” anytime they ask for a product on credit.

Now to the next set of friends you shouldn’t have when starting up your business.

2. The “I Already Have It” Friends

They always have a better version of whatever you are offering.

They say things like “I bought the premium version or limited version.”

These set of friends always seem to have what you are selling and even if they don’t have, they always try  to have something better or are not interested at all.

Trust me, these people won’t push your business.

So, stop trying to cajole. It’s like preaching to the choir.

It’s fruitless.

What do you do to these kinds of people?

The thing is, some of these guys can afford it but they prefer to stick to a recognized brand.

So, when next you go to them with a product made by some unknown brand, they might not buy but if you brand it & package it well, they might jump at it.

Here’s the strange thing about these next set of friends…

These next set of friends should probably not know that you run a business because they are the;

3. The “Bad Mouth” Friends

In this category, these are some incredibly broke set of people whose major hobby is to do one single thing.

Tear your business apart” with their mouth.

They will criticize your business so much without giving any helpful suggestion to the extent that you will almost question, whether you should do business at all or end the business altogether.

For these kinds of people, it’s better they don’t know about your business or if preventing them proves difficult, just keep it in mind that “that they are broke people who can’t afford what you are offering”.

Now, let’s take a look at friends that you should have when starting up a business and why you should have them in your circle.

1. The “We Got Your Back” Friends

These friends are exactly as their title implies.

They not only buy. They promote.  Broadcast your business like the business is theirs.

They are your “Own Personal marketers.” 

They have the ability to paint your business and product in such way that you will be surprised yourself.

The motivating factor for this set of friends is that “when you are big, they are big too”.

One of the main reason why you should have these set of friends in your circle  when starting up a business is that they motivate you to go on and they have the ability to build a network and community around your business.

But… there is a twist.

Sometimes these guys might owe you when they buy, but they always make sure to pay back although sometimes you might have to remind them to pay up.

Also, they might not really tell you the truth you need to know about your product and business just because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Are you this kind of friend, click here to prove it by sharing the link with your friend who has a business.

A little criticism doesn’t hurt.

And that is why should have these next set of friends

2. The “Neutral”

They are not pretenders.

That’s for sure.

These set of friends tell you what’s wrong with your product and if they know about the field, they would give you suggestions and ideas on how to improve the product/business.

You should listen to them especially if the criticism is constructive i.e the criticism is on a positive note.

But… this group has their flaws.

Sometimes, they rarely have cash to patronize you or your business.

However, one thing is for sure. if they had they would buy from you.

So, they are loyal but broke!

But being broke doesn’t make their ideas or suggestions invalid.

Also, their criticism can sometimes cut so deep, you might want to tag them “an hater’ but they are just being honest

One rule of business is to “Welcome constructive criticism” i.e. criticism that adds something to you.

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The kind of friends you keep is just one of the many factors that determines the success of your business.

Like the old adage says, show me your friends and I will show…. hold on…let’s change that.

“Show me the kind of friends you keep and I will tell you how far your business will go”

So, do you have a business or want to start up one? Set up a store of your own now!


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