3 Key Things You Can Do With Your PVC

As the General Election Year draws close and closer, Nigerians look forward to a new year packed with several activities, one of which involves selecting her leaders.

The 2019 general election is scheduled to happen sometime around February and it is no story that without your PVC, you won’t be able to partake in the coming election.

Here is a list of 3 items you can do with your PVCs.


  • Means of Identification

General Election Year

Aside from the fact that the PVC is a license to vote in our leaders for the coming election, it is also a means of identification.

On the PVC contains its bearer’s basic information

Features of the PVC: According to INEC, The PVC contains the following information

Voter’s name, occupation and address, The name of the state the voter is registered to, the name of the LGA, The Registration area (Centre and code), The voter’s identification number

  • It Is Your Right

General Election Year

Having a voter’s card isn’t just something you should get because of the need for it. It is also one of your rights as citizens of the country. Having a PVC is necessary for the electing of credible leaders and to reduce election fraud

  • For Basic Transactions

General Election Year

There are several means of identification options which the PVC is of. So in the absence of a national I.D card or a Passport, the PVC can come in handy.



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