weird food combinations Nigerians consume

10 Weird Food Combinations Nigerian Students Consume in School

Nigerian students can be very creative with food combinations especially when the pocket money is not forthcoming.

No wonder you hear weird combinations like pap and bread, beans and sugar, Indomie and bread.

Yeah, they are weird like that.

Besides, Schooling in Nigeria is an adventure in itself.

From being broke to missing classes, to lecturer troubles, you can’t blame some of these students when they create these popular food combinations. Most of these combinations are created because of the following reasons.

  1. No money.
  2. You just want to experiment.
  3. Hunger or don’t know how to cook.

Disclaimer:  Now, there’s nothing harmful in eating the mentioned food, and this post is not written to make mockery or criticise those who combine these foods because most of us have actually had a few if not all out of the mentioned weird food combinations listed.

So, without further ado.

Here are some of the most popular weird food combinations Nigerian Students consume in School.


1. Pap & Bread


weird food combinations Nigerians consume
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But, how could you abandon butter for pap?


Seriously, I don’t know how people who combine these two together digest these without throwing up. 

The combination is done this way;  After the pap has been cooked and made thick, then you just chew at the same time as the bread.

Note, they don’t use the bread to scoop the pap but they eat simultaneously. Some even add milk and sugar to it for what they call a better tasting experience. If you have done this, tell us how it tasted like in the comments section.

Please don’t try this if you have a sensitive stomach. The probability of your throwing up is high.


2. Rice & Ewedu (Jute Leaf)

First of all, people that eat this are definitely resistant to irritation with respect to food.

Just imagine eating slimy green rice, that’s how’s this weird food combination looks when you put rice and Ewedu in one plate.. Those that eat this say it’s actually tasty and it’s just like eating Rice and Efo (Vegetable).

Sorry, it’s not because the Efo doesn’t have the slimy feature Ewedu has. If you have tasted this combination, please let us know how it tasted.


3. Spaghetti and Beans

Spaghetti & Meat - One of the weird food combinations nigerian students consume is Spagetti and Beans
Sis Jemimah

This still sounds edible but the fact that you have to mix the spaghetti inside the beans makes it mushy.   Then the color is another thing.  Most people add palm oil to it giving it this dull, orange look. Apart from the mushy look, this weird food combination according to those who have tasted this food combination is actually stomach-feeling.

It is on the list of weird food combinations Nigerian students consume because of its popularity among students and besides, apart from the look, it’s isn’t all that bad tasting.


4. Bread and Indomie

The first time I heard of people eating this, the first question I asked was, how did they manage to combine it together?  Some people who eat this actually put the noodles in between the bread while some use the bread to scoop the noodles after mixing the noodles with eggs.

This doesn’t look too unusual but those who put the noodles in between the bread without adding anything must really have some serious issues.


5. Bread & Palm Oil

weird food combinations Nigerians consumeI can’t really process this but it is one of the weird food combinations Nigerian students consume.

The people who eat this are probably capable of eating bread and water.  This is one weird food combination Nigerian students consume that  I would probably love to try only if it has a bit of salt and fish.


6. Palm Oil and Garri

This combination is not exactly weird.

You pour Garri in a plate, add palm oil and salt to taste. The people who have had this strange combination swears of its heavenly feel and I can’t help but question their sanity.


7. Rice & Indomie

Rice and Indomie - one of the weird food combinations nigerians consume

This is one of the top weird food combinations Nigerian students consume.

First of all, this food looks dull(not the image above).  This combination is meant to be synonymous with eating rice and spaghetti but this is far from it.

When you imagine the taste of noodles along with the bland taste of white rice, it doesn’t strike a very pretty picture of food you would like to eat.

The only reassuring image you get when eating this weird food combination Nigerian student consume is the image of eating rice with white sauce or white soup (Igbo call it Ofe nsala).

That in itself is not very exciting.

However, if you are one of those people who eat this combination and yours looks anything like the image above, please shoot us a message. we will be interested in a tasting session.


8. Egg and Beans


The degree at which the person who eats this combination would fart is the first thought that comes to mind.

Under this combination, there are two categories of eaters

Those who eat the beans with Boiled egg and the really weird ones who eat the beans with fried eggs.

The first set of eaters are not that weird, but the second one makes you ask the person consuming this combination, what exactly are you trying to achieve doing this stomach?

Kill everybody with Gas.


9. Eba, Egg, and Stew

This is one of the weird food combination Nigerians students consume which I wouldn’t try to experiment even if I there was prize-money attached to it. 

The eaters of this weird combination probably mistook “Egg” for meat as protein”. True they belong to the same class of food but they definitely don’t taste the same. Can you imagine eating Eba with stew along with Egg and the yoke at the same time

You will probably have difficulty taking a “dump” and you will probably release enough air to fill a glass canister. Any Nigerian student that eats this weird combination probably did it to experiment or to fill up the belly or when there is no meat.



10. Plantain, Egg, and Pap

How does the person who eat this not puke after taking the first spoon of this combination? First of all, you just spoilt a delicious meal of plantain and egg. Secondly, what happened to Akara? My reason for this second question is because the person who eats this is definitely not broke.


Now, some of these foods might seem to normal to you because we all have different body systems but for those who have yet to taste some of this, you can try them too but we cannot be held responsible for the after-effect.

.But if you have tried almost all the weird food combinations listed here and you have other weird combinations you know Nigerian students consume, please let us know in the comments section.

Also, don’t forget to share with that friend who has eaten more than 50% of what is listed here.

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