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10 TV Shows to Binge Watch Before 2018 Is Over!

TV Shows to Binge Watch.

As 2018 draws close and closer to its end, there remain some exciting TV shows we can’t wait to return in the coming year, and some which are currently running.

If you haven’t seen these shows, now may just be the perfect time to brace yourself up and ready your minds for sessions and sessions of binge watching.

The list shows 10 TV Shows to binge watch before 2018 is over

10) Pretty little lairs (the perfectionist)

TV Shows to Binge watch - PLL

When the show ended in 2017, it left a remarkable hole in the hearts of fans who were still yearning for more.

Pretty little lairs (the perfectionist) brings back some of the major characters from the original show.

So if you are yet to see any of the 7 previous episodes, now is a good time to binge watch before the spin-off premieres.

9) Stranger Things

TV shows to binge watch - stranger things

Since the season finale in 2017, stranger things remains one among many kid adventure TV shows making waves. The good thing is that stranger things is returning for another season on the Netflix network in 2019.

If you haven’t seen any of the seasons of stranger things, now is a good time to catch up before the third season premieres

8) Atlanta

tv shows to binge watch - atlanta

Atlanta is a comedy series that tells the stories of young rappers from Atlanta. The show has received several nominations and awards since its initial release date till the season finale of its second season on FX.

Atlanta will be renewed for a third season sometime in 2019

7) The Handmaid’s Tale

tv shows to binge watch - The Handmaid's Tale


Based on the bestseller book by Margaret Atwood, with the same name. The Handmaid’s tale tells the story of June in a dystopian US country of Gilead.

The show’s season two finale aired in July 2018 and is set to return for a third season in 2019.

This is one TV show you most definitely should binge watch before the end of the year.


6) Harlots

tv shows to binge watch - Harlots


This is another heart throbbing TV Show filled with drama you don’t want to miss out on.

Harlots narrates the life and times of the British empire in the early 70’s.

The show ended its second season in July 2018 and has been renewed for a third season for 2019.

5) Riverdale

tv shows to binge watch - riverdale

If you are a fan of Archie comics and anything high school, then you would love Riverdale.

Although currently running, Riverdale is currently on its third season and it’s juicy as ever.

The season one and two are as intriguing as its current season.


4) Sharp Objects

tv shows to binge watch - sharp objects

Based on a novel by Gillian Flynn of the same name, sharp objects premiered its debut season in 2018 with only 8 episodes.

The show is set to return again sometime in 2019

3) Grown-ish

tv shows to binge watch - grown-ish

If you’ve ever seen black-ish then you most definitely would want to see Grown-ish.

It follows the life of the eldest daughter of the Johnson family taking her first step into the real world.

The season one ended sometime in March and is set to be released sometime next year.


2) Killing Eve

tv shows to binge watch - killing Eve

Written for BBC America, Killing Eve shows the life of Eve at her first shot at being a spy. Entangled by a whole different level of conspiracy and backlash, killing Eve is both funny and entertaining.

There are other amazing TV shows currently running and those we are waiting for to hit the screen in 2019. If you haven’t watched any TV Shows from the list below, you probably should go binge watch till you catch-up

  • How to get away with murder
  • Arrows
  • The flash
  • Black mirror
  • It’s always sunny in Philadelphia
  • Instinct
  • Insecure
  • American Horror Story
  • Dynasty
  • Power
  • Light As a Feather (new comer)
  • Ozark

1) Game of Thrones

tv shows to binge watch - GOT

This is probably the most awaited TV show of 2019. Fans were shocked to learn of its one year break in the early months of 2018 but how time flies!

There is no official release date for GOT Season 8 in 2019 but it is with great anticipation that fans are waiting


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