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10 Things Every Nigerian Students Must Know Before Graduating

The one thing that is most common to most Nigerian Students on Campus, is the hope to graduate some day.

Every Nigerian Student hope to leave the four walls of the university someday to face the real challenges of life.

The following ten things are things every Nigerian Student must do before graduation.

  • Have A Plan

Nigerian Students

It is true that the expectation of most is to secure one job or the other immediately after graduation, but the sad truth is that Nigeria produces more graduates than it can offer jobs.

So having a plan after graduation is not a total hoax. Life can happen at any time

  • Know Your Prospects and abilities


Nigerian Students

Most Nigerian Students look forward to getting better jobs once they leave the four walls of the university. Most of which do not know their abilities and prospect. Knowing your abilities will go a long way in helping you secure that right job for you.

  • Make some mistakes

Contrary to some beliefs that one shouldn’t make any sort of mistake while in the university, mistakes are necessary tools to help one move forward.

It is okay to fall off the wagon a few times, but it is unwise to remain on the floor. Mistakes will prepare you for the future you look forward to

  • Socialize






Nigerian Students

Most Nigerian Universities are filled with different types of people with different passion. It won’t hurt to mix and get acquainted with a few.

A good social circle will go a long way to help you after graduation.

  • Gain Experience

Nigerian Students

This is one important tool most Nigerian Students need. As sad as it may sound, most newly graduates are highly underpaid because of their lack of experience.

So put learn as much as you can about your prospects and field because this can also help.

  • Learn to be professional

Nigerian Student

There are several things that call out to your attention as a student: parties, clubbing, movies and so on. If you can learn to be professional for the most part of your university days, you would just be fine fitting in the outside world.

  • Learn to manage time and money

Nigerian Students

These are two resources that are equal to each other. If you can learn to manage your time well enough to fit your activities and your money to fit your needs, then you would have a deep sense of satisfaction.

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  • Have an open mind towards opportunities

Nigerian Student

Most Nigerian university students just want to be grand immediately after graduation. It works for some and doesn’t for others.

Learning to have an open mind towards opportunities is another way to get yourself prepared for the outside world.

  • Focus on Building Your Personal Skills

Nigerian Student

Having what it takes to face the world after graduation depends on how much effort you have put in yourself. Focusing on building your personal skills helps you in the long run

  • Believe in yourself

Nigerian Student

This is the most important tool to survive any trial. Believing in oneself is a tool that can never go wrong.

If you have the above listed items without believing in yourself, it is just not enough.


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