Relationships on Nigerian Campus

10 Things To Consider Before Going Into A Relationship On Campuses

Relationships on campus

So You’re Looking for a Relationship on campus?

Have you stopped to consider few things before diving into that pool?

Having a partner (Hol’up… we only mean boy/girlfriend) on campus can be a very interesting part of one’s campus experience.

Relationships On Campus

Relationships can also be messy, especially at the start of it. The Thrill of it all can also be exhausting. I mean, you’re dedicating all your focus on one person when there are more thousand others on campus.

There are certain things you really want to take note of before calling dibs on anyone on your campus.

Define And Know Yourself

Most relationships that crash these days are mostly caused by someone in the duo and for every break-up story, there’s one to blame.

My point is, If you really don’t know yourself, then you will always get entangled with the wrong person for the right reason.

If one can easily tell the kind of person one is, then one will know the kind of person one wants  (whoever said that!).

Do you Really Have The Time ?

Before going into any relationship on campus, you should really ask yourself this: Do I have enough time?

I have earlier mentioned that relationship can be exhausting!

The primary reason why you are in school the first place is to study and not to be pursuing man (or woman) up and down.

Know What You Need, Not Want

Relationships On Campus

There are many reasons why you should have a partner but do you really know why you need one?

Most Nigerian student probably go into relationships on campus because every other person has one.

If you are going into a relationship just because Folake or Chinedu has a Bae, Then you need small brain.

Define What You Are Willing To Sacrifice

Relationships On Campus

Most relationship that crash is because one of the duo is not willing to sacrifice one thing or another.

Before starting relationships on campus, you should be able to define what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Know what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

Be Open To Communication

Relationships On Campus

Many Nigerian Students Like to just go with the flow (Whoever came up with that though?).

Typical Nigerian Student will not readily talk about where they at and where they going.

We Know it’s not Marriage, but good communication leads to Understanding and a healthy relationship.

Only Get Involved For The Right Reasons

Relationships On Campus

There are over a thousand reasons why people get involved with other people. On having Relationships on campus, it’s no different than knowing why you really want to get involved.

Many people get involved with someone else just to distract themselves from other people.

To some others, It’s the pleasure that comes with it.

And to some others they simple just get involved because this part of them hungers for the idea of being in a relationship.

which ever reason you may have make sure that it is done rightly.

Know what S/HE Wants

Relationships On Campus

Enough about you for one second. Let’s talk about the other person.

Do you Know what this person wants? do you know their fears? Their weakness and strength?

Finding out what the other person wants is a key way to establishing a very healthy relationship on campus.

Look For The Other side of The Coin

Relationships On Campus

Research shows that people are more likely to be attracted by good looks than character (I don’t Know where i saw this, but it’s true yeah?)

If you are moved by what you see, then you’ll end up having a relationship with the wrong person.

It’s True that we all like good things (even me too!) but here’s an advice: Beauty without character is disastrous.

Learn A Bit Of Respect

This is for the guys mostly. Many guys are really archaic in their mentality.

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean that the woman owes you her everything. Learn to respect her opinions and decisions.

Respect her judgments in anything that is personal to her, and don’t easily make her feel small.

Learn A Bit Of Loyalty

Relationship on campus

To the ladies, This is for you: Being in any relationship is demanding and can be exhausting but the key thing it requires is loyalty.

Be loyal to your man in public and in private places (I Mean this literally).

Don’t be quick to discuss private issues with your girlfriends and every other person in your life.

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