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10 Surprising Things Only UNILAG Students Can Relate To

The University of Lagos, UNILAG, remains one of the best and top choice Universities in Nigeria.

With numerous applicants selecting them as their first choice institution, it is no wonder it is called The First Choice University.

There are certain things which are very surprising about the school. Things every student can relate to on campus.

10 Surprising Things About UNILAG

Here’s a list of hand-picked surprising things about the university

It’s fashion week everyday on campus

University of Lagos

Everyday in UNILAG is a day to flaunt whatever fashion sense you’ve got. The students don’t even try hard, it comes effortlessly.

This is one thing common to most UNILAG students!

Overnight Reading equals cheap thrills

university of lagos

It’s only in UNILAG that students say they are going to read overnight but with only one intent: to exchange numbers.

you leave the comfort of your bed to come and collect number? UNILAG students can relate.


Traffic On Fridays

university of lagos

If you live on campus, you will probably have noticed the hiked traffic on Fridays. Even though this is attributed to the fact that our Muslim brothers and sisters are praying, it is another thing every Staylites and freshites can relate to.


Library: Party or Bank?

university of lagos


There are days you would get to the library and just wonder : are they sharing money inside? or is there a party I don’t Know about?

The queue from the cloak room up to the library entrance can make somebody regret nearing the vicinity.

UNILAG is like a time bomb

university of lagos

UNILAG remains one of the many federal university that has a vibrant student union. As refreshing as this may sound, it is sometimes annoying to know that students can flip the coin at anytime and choose to strike.

UNILAG striking is just one of the things her students can relate to.

Exam period is like RCCG Camping Ground

It’s only in UNILAG that campus fellowships experience a blast of members. The amphitheater hosts several fellowships which are usually scanty on regular school period.

when you’re hungry and the queue is not moving


Sometimes in UNILAG, it just feels like the rest of the students want to do that particular thing you’re about to do. There is always a queue to everything. You want to eat? Join the queue.

There are Probably more Crabs in UNILAG than the number of students there

university of lagos

If you’ve ever been to the Lagoon front, then you must have noticed several burrowed holes. These holes are not there for fancy. They are home to One of UNILAG’s Landlords: The Crabs.

If you walk around the campus at night, you would see them walking as if they own the place.

GTBank WiFi: Bae Above All Baes

university of lagos

This is one spot that every student in UNILAG can never get tired of.

GTBank provides Free Wifi  and who doesn’t like free things?

Unilag students - There are little or no spaces on a Nigerian campus

Asides from the free WiFi, GTBank has always got the back of UNILAG students. The picture above says it all.

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